Attorney Marketing Boosting Revenues With No Added Cost

Attorney Marketing – Boosting Revenues With No Added Cost
Attorney marketing can encompass a​ number of​ areas .​
You might have a​ media campaign; direct mail,​ educational marketing,​ PR,​ Internet or​ you​ might focus your legal marketing on​ building a​ referral network .​
Whatever your attorney marketing approaches,​ you​ can focus,​ assure and enhance your positive results with an​ effective weekly planning meeting and appropriate delegation .​
If you​ start out attorney marketing without any sort of​ direction or​ plan,​ it​ is​ also likely you​ will be wasting money,​ right? in​ target shooting it​ is​ ready,​ aim,​ and then fire – so too with attorney marketing .​
Well,​ the​ trick is​ to​ continue this thinking throughout the​ marketing life of​ your firm .​
The need for focused lawyer marketing does not run out like a​ warranty .​
the​ marketplace,​ strengths,​ weaknesses,​ opportunities and threats of​ your circumstances change over time and so should your legal marketing stance.
How to​ Do An Effective Weekly Planning Meeting
Each week,​ it​ is​ imperative that you​ sit down with yourself and some paper and get focused on​ your lawyer marketing .​
This is​ your time to​ think about the​ practice and where it​ is​ going,​ to​ consider your mission and goals and what you​ can do to​ make them real,​ and to​ take a​ good look at​ the​ status of​ your attorney marketing .​
The meeting itself should be scheduled on​ your calendar as​ at​ least a​ thirty-minute block of​ time .​
You should have no interruptions and be able to​ hold the​ meeting each Friday towards the​ end of​ the​ day or​ perhaps early Monday morning .​
Out of​ this meeting,​ you​ will come up with a​ fully prioritized to​ do list as​ well as​ a​ clearer picture of​ where the​ practice stands and what you​ need to​ do to​ meet the​ long term goals of​ the​ firm,​ in​ your personal life,​ and in​ attorney marketing.
How to​ Make/Prioritize Your Empowering List
For the​ first part of​ your meeting pull out your firm mission and 1,​ 5,​ 10-year goals (if you​ have them – if​ not do make them) and review them .​
Next put something on​ your weekly to​ do list that will further at​ least one of​ your firm one year goals (you can put more of​ course) .​
Next,​ put down the​ items of​ all types that must (or it​ would be best if​ completed) get done during the​ upcoming week .​
Now,​ for each task,​ you​ need to​ rank it​ using the​ letters A,​ B,​ and C .​
To do this ranking a​ = important and must be done by a​ lawyer; B = less important and does not require a​ lawyer (although you​ personally might have to​ do it); C = not very important and does not require a​ lawyer (although you​ personally might have to​ do it) .​

Next,​ among the​ A’s,​ rank each item with either a​ 1,​ 2,​ or​ 3 .​
The items marked with a​ 1 must be done within two days .​
The items marked with a​ 2 must be done in​ three to​ five days,​ and the​ items marked with a​ 3 can wait until next week if​ necessary .​
Do the​ same with the​ Bs and Cs.
For example,​ if​ you​ have some attorney marketing task that needs to​ be done by Monday,​ then you​ would mark it​ an​ A1 .​
If you​ have a​ client that needs specific information from their file by Friday,​ you​ would probably mark it​ a​ B2 and delegate that to​ a​ paralegal .​
If you​ have a​ doctor's appointment on​ Friday it​ would also be a​ C3 since it​ does not require a​ lawyer but you​ need to​ do it​ although you​ could reschedule it​ if​ necessary.
Delegating Tasks
Delegate any tasks that are B or​ C level of​ importance if​ you​ possibly can .​
If you​ can’t delegate it​ ask yourself why? No staff? Not enough staff? Not trained the​ staff? Staff not effective? Fix these issues so you​ can delegate .​
Create a​ form to​ use that you​ can give to​ each team member .​
Include the​ following information for each task:
Today’s date
Due date for task
What is​ to​ be done
Who is​ responsible for this task
Why the​ task is​ important
How often to​ report to​ you​ on​ progress or​ status
Further instructions
The goal here is​ to​ stop doing as​ many B and C tasks as​ you​ possibly can .​
You make your money doing things lawyers do (associate,​ partner and managing partner lawyer things) not other things .​
This will free up your time to​ do more a​ tasks,​ and you​ can attend to​ important matters like growing your practice through attorney marketing .​
If you​ have associates now you​ can do less technical work and do more legal marketing that is​ the​ lifeblood of​ any practice.
You should always keep your marketing goals in​ mind as​ you​ prioritize your list and delegate tasks .​
The success of​ your attorney marketing will grow as​ the​ skill and effectiveness of​ your managerial and entrepreneurial time and skills grow.

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