Attention Shoppers We Have A Small Lost Three Year Old Boy With Red Hair

Have you​ ever been shopping in​ a​ busy mall,​ stopped to​ look at​ something only to​ discover that in​ the​ brief time it​ took to​ do so,​ your child has wandered away from you? if​ in​ reading this question you​ are able to​ answer no,​ you​ undoubtedly know someone who has been in​ this situation.

Each minute,​ somewhere in​ the​ country,​ a​ parent is​ separated from their child.
These separations sometimes last only a​ few seconds; in​ other instances they last much longer,​ causing the​ store to​ go into a​ lock-down situation. the​ truth of​ the​ matter is,​ wherever there are large crowds; parades,​ country fairs,​ busy city streets etc.,​ young children will inevitably become separated from their parents.

In speaking with hundreds of​ parents a​ week,​ though the​ situations and circumstances may vary slightly,​ we​ hear the​ same scary tale over and over again. the​ end result is​ always the​ same.

Panic in​ its purest form,​ 100% pure unadulterated panic.

In situations when the​ child is​ not located within a​ few moments,​ the​ parent will be asked by either a​ store employee,​ security staff or​ even a​ police officer to​ provide an​ accurate description of​ the​ lost child,​ as​ well as​ what the​ child was wearing at​ the​ time.
In a​ similar situation,​ when in​ a​ state of​ panic,​ would you​ be able to​ provide an​ accurate description of​ your child?

Let’s be honest with ourselves,​ all young children look more or​ less the​ same! With the​ exception of​ the​ color of​ their skin,​ hair and eyes,​ all young children are short,​ cute,​ have big beautiful eyes and a​ few missing teeth. Add to​ this the​ fact that in​ this situation,​ most parents do not remember what their child was wearing at​ the​ time.

Most parents,​ often the​ mother,​ carry their children’s identification in​ the​ form of​ Medicare information and Social Insurance cards. However,​ very few fathers carry any of​ their child’s specific identification. as​ proud fathers,​ they have one if​ not several pictures of​ their child. However,​ as​ the​ child grows older,​ those pictures are updated less and less frequently.

When looking for​ a​ child id provider,​ find one whose program includes wallet-sized identification profile cards for​ your children. These profile cards will allow you​ to​ list your child’s specific identification,​ including a​ recent picture. One thing to​ keep in​ mind is​ that children grow like weeds,​ so you​ will want to​ find a​ program that provides you​ with an​ unlimited supply. This will allow you​ to​ update them as​ required. a​ good rule of​ thumb is​ to​ update the​ information and picture every three months until children reach the​ age of​ three,​ and at​ least once a​ year thereafter.

When reading this,​ please don’t think that because your child is​ rarely out of​ your sight,​ this could never happen to​ you. When arriving at​ the​ scene,​ this is​ inevitably the​ first thing the​ responding police officers hear from the​ parents. These situations occur not out of​ neglect,​ but due to​ everyday situations that are completely out of​ our control.

The pro-active and preventative measures you​ have taken as​ a​ responsible parent,​ to​ ensure your a​ child’s safety,​ will be invaluable in​ helping you​ to​ provide the​ authorities with accurate information when time is​ of​ the​ essence,​ should you​ ever find yourself in​ a​ similar situation.

Do not procrastinate! Remember the​ Boy Scout motto “Always be prepared”. Make sure that both parents never leave home without their child’s identification.

Would you​ leave home without yours?

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