Assetware Is Leading Management Software

Assetware is​ Leading Management Software
Assetware is​ management software for capital,​ inventory and IT assets .​
Assetware Technology is​ the​ leading provider of​ Assetware Manager .​
Assetware Manager includes all aspects of​ financial and physical control of​ all your fixed assets.
Assetware Manager is​ a​ scalable solution for private and public sector organisations .​
Assetware Manager is​ used all over the​ UK and Europe as​ well as​ other parts of​ the​ world .​
Assetware Manager allows you​ to​ be in​ control to​ organise your companies assets in​ order to​ maximise value.
Assetware Manager allows you​ to​ do statutory disclosures,​ additions,​ disposals,​ transfers,​ journal entries and depreciation forecasting.
Assetware Manager mainly allows users to​ move from their existing spreadsheets without losing the​ flexibility that comes with them .​
Assetware Manager also allows clients to​ monitor transactions,​ which can permit your accountants and managers to​ easily predict changes or​ movements .​
The interface of​ Assetware Manager has been developed so that it​ has an​ interface that is​ easy to​ use.
Not only do the​ features of​ Assetware Manager outweigh that of​ its competitors; Assetware Manager can also add value to​ your business .​
The way in​ which this works is​ through features such as​ reports .​
These reports identify non-utilised assets that can be disposed of​ or​ redeployed meaning that you​ are eliminating ‘dead capital,​’ which saves your business money.
Assetware Manager tracks assets for IT and accounting purposes .​
Assetware Technology offers its clients high quality products as​ well as​ technical expertise and professional services.
By using Assetware Technology you​ are provided with help to​ make informed decisions on​ how to​ move your business forwards .​
Assetware Technology is​ designed for medium to​ large businesses as​ well as​ multi-nationals .​
It offers you​ customised installation and built in​ flexibility that fits your business and processes.
Established in​ 1987,​ Assetware Technology is​ the​ market leader in​ Asset Management,​ with Assetware Manager being the​ main solutions programme .​
Assetware Manager manages your entire asset reporting requirements,​ with it​ being linked to​ your existing spreadsheet application.
The software has been developed and improved using customer feedback,​ which means all of​ the​ desired features have been incorporated whilst keeping the​ user interface simple and easy to​ use.
The programme now integrates with Opera and Sage Line 100,​ as​ well as​ Pegasus,​ SAP,​ AccPac,​ Dataflow and many other bespoke systems.
Effective Asset Management means knowing:
• what you've got
• where it​ is
• what it's used for
• how much it's worth
• what it's costing you
Assetware Technology is​ highly customisable for individual or​ global use .​
Assetware Technology can be configured to​ manage a​ full lifecycle of​ any organisations assets.
Assetware Technology products come with a​ toolkit that provides intergration with existing financial systems as​ well as​ displaying a​ financial summary grid that displays invoice values,​ depreciation charges and revaluations of​ the​ asset.
With Assetware Technology you​ can store multiple invoices (capital or​ expense) against a​ single asset .​
Assetware Technology products give you​ reliable accountancy software that is​ world leading .​
If you​ are in​ need of​ new accountancy software then look no further than Assetware Technology.

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