Article Submission Software Think Three Times Before You Buy One

Article marketing has been one of​ the​ most commonly used strategies to​ build traffic and backlinks from various sources. if​ you​ only intend to​ submit your articles to​ a​ few article directories or​ newsletter groups,​ it​ is​ no doubt you​ can comfortably do it​ manually. However,​ if​ you​ intend to​ get across your stroke of​ genius through hundreds of​ article directories,​ it​ will definitely be a​ daunting experience to​ submit your article manually. in​ such a​ situation,​ article submission software has great benefit for those people who want to​ shower their articles through many channels. Nevertheless,​ before you​ spend your hard-earned money to​ buy the​ next article submission software,​ there are a​ few things you​ must take into consideration.

1. Degree of​ Automation
As we all know,​ automation is​ the​ priority of​ choosing article submission software because it​ will help us to​ reduce a​ great amount of​ work. However,​ different software has different extent of​ automation. Some may provide a​ fully automated submission just with a​ few press-down buttons. Whereas,​ the​ others may provide a​ semi-automated submission,​ which requires you​ to​ register every single article directory before you​ can submit your articles. This will be tedious work before you​ can begin submitting your articles to​ hundreds of​ article directories but later the​ software will save you​ a​ lot of​ time since it​ will save your username and password. Even so,​ you​ still have to​ log into each article directory by pushing the​ submit button each time you​ submit your article. Even more tedious is​ that you​ may have to​ choose a​ category before you​ can submit your article. if​ you​ can bear the​ additional workload,​ semi-automated submission software can work best for you​ because the​ result can be much better and more organic since you​ choose your own category.

2. Quantity and Quality of​ Database
The second thing you​ must take into consideration is​ the​ numbers of​ article directories and thier reputation that your article submission software contains. the​ truth is​ that quality is​ more important than quantity. Some software may contain a​ few hundreds of​ article directories but most of​ them may have zero page rank. Even though page rank is​ not the​ sole indicator of​ high ranking and traffic,​ it​ does tell you​ something about the​ reputation of​ an​ article directory. Ask your software producer whether they include the​ most well known article directories such as​ Go Articles and Ezines. a​ better-known article directory also helps you​ to​ distribute your article to​ other webmasters inasmuch as​ more webmasters will come to​ these websites to​ look for resources to​ put in​ their websites.

3. Numbers of​ Categories
Finally,​ you​ must ask how many categories your article submission software provides for you​ to​ submit your article. I know some article submission software may help you​ to​ choose your category automatically. of​ course,​ this will reduce your job tremendously but their results may not be as​ good as​ those of​ choosing the​ categories manually may. Some software may provide you​ just a​ few broad categories. in​ such a​ case,​ it​ will largely reduce the​ relevancy when submitting your article,​ thus reducing the​ chance of​ your article being accepted. These three aspects will help you​ to​ think three times before you​ choose your next article submission software.

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