Article Submission Software Should We Submit Articles With Software

Article Submission Software Should We Submit Articles With Software

Article submission software ? people always ask if​ they are really useful in​ article marketing. to​ paraphrase that,​ what online marketers really want to​ know is​ whether there truly are merits in​ using them to​ submit articles. the​ truth is​ there are two schools of​ thinking about using article submission software. as​ usual,​ there are those who do not believe it​ works while another group can vouch to​ its effectiveness. Why don?t we have a​ quick look at​ the​ workings of​ the​ article submission software before we decide if​ we should submit articles with them?

Article submission software in​ recent years have been emerging as​ a​ tool to​ replace manual submission. When I first started online marketing,​ I wrote articles and submit manually to​ these article directories like GoArticles,​ HotLib and a​ few other popular article directories. it​ often takes me more than a​ few hours to​ submit to​ more than a​ dozen article directories. There was the​ log in,​ followed by sieving through the​ article submission form,​ copying and pasting my article title,​ article body,​ article summary,​ relevant keywords and author resource boxes. Every article directory has a​ different interface,​ and very often I have to​ customize and twitch a​ little bit here and there. Trust me and those who have experienced all these,​ it​ is​ tough job and sweat. Okay,​ so here I have an​ article ready to​ be published after one day?s hard work including the​ writing. This is​ manual article submission done all without article submission software.

That was a​ typical scenario most early day article marketers and authors have to​ face just a​ couple of​ years back. Today,​ the​ landscape has changed with the​ emergence of​ article submission software. the​ great thing about the​ functions of​ article submission software is​ it​ makes the​ log in​ and article formatting for each individual article directory so fast and so easy. Some article submission software are semi-automatic which requires you​ to​ click from one article directory to​ another to​ post. Others which are more advanced requires just the​ click of​ a​ button and off it​ goes to​ different article directories to​ post. in​ terms of​ speed and efficiency,​ such article submission software definitely makes the​ submission a​ breeze. as​ a​ result,​ we have more time to​ write quality articles.

If we can stick to​ writing an​ article and posting it​ to​ 100 article directories a​ day manually without article submissions software,​ we can really gain a​ great deal of​ exposure for our websites be it​ a​ business or​ hobby site. With so many submissions,​ we are putting our content before hundreds to​ thousands of​ eyeballs everyday. But the​ problem is​ we only have 24 hours and taking away time for sleep,​ meals and breaks,​ there are only a​ few hours to​ do that. We are limited in​ our time. With article submission software,​ it​ allows people to​ write more and post more each day. Instead of​ one article to​ 100 directories manually,​ we are talking about potentially,​ several articles to​ few 100s of​ article directories.

There is​ another twist to​ using article submission software. Search engines like Google,​ Yahoo and MSN are constantly ranking websites or​ for accuracy purpose,​ web pages according to​ link popularity. Article directories are high Page Rank sites and links from these directories count as​ powerful one-way links. So how do we get these article directories to​ link to​ our websites? the​ answer is​ to​ submit articles! Articles are contextual content relevant to​ our websites and links from these articles to​ our websites are valuable because of​ the​ anchor text keywords we are targeting to​ rank high in​ the​ search engines. Article submission software can submit to​ many article directories and in​ just a​ few days,​ the​ number of​ high PR links to​ your site would increase.

There are alternatives to​ using article submission software such as​ using article submission services like Article Marketer,​ iSnare and others to​ submit articles. But they charge you​ either monthly or​ for per article submitted. Unless you​ have a​ huge advertising budget or​ enough money to​ pour into these services,​ buying an​ article submission software would be a​ wiser choice since the​ payment is​ one-time. Typically,​ quality article submission software would cost around $99 onwards.

From the​ look of​ it,​ it​ does make sense to​ submit articles with article submission software. Many article marketers including myself have reaped in​ thousands of​ dollars from sales by using such software. Read a​ review of​ several popular article submission software marketers have in​ their marketing arsenal.

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