Article Directories As Low Cost Internet Marketing Resources

Article Directories As Low Cost Internet Marketing Resources

Article marketing focuses on​ article directories to​ expand reach and readability. Let’s take a​ closer look at​ how it​ can work for you​ and your online business venture.

Article marketing has emerged as​ one of​ the​ best ways to​ propagate your website online. This low cost and highly effective tool has made even Fortune 500 companies include it​ in​ their marketing campaigns. Today there are thousands of​ article directories which freely accept articles from users.

Why it​ works

There are many reasons why even the​ big companies have turned to​ this fairly simple marketing tool. Most article directories accept article submissions free of​ cost. All you​ need to​ do it​ register and then start posting articles. it​ is​ also a​ great way to​ boost back links to​ your site. Usually all such directories have a​ resource box in​ which you​ can advertise your site and include a​ link back to​ the​ site. in​ this way you​ can increase the​ number of​ hits to​ your site in​ a​ very short time.

Trial and error

With article marketing you​ can afford to​ make mistakes without incurring losses. Since article directories are free of​ cost,​ even if​ you​ happen to​ submit the​ wrong article or​ place it​ in​ the​ wrong category,​ you​ can still improve on​ it​ and get better at​ it​ with trial and error. Thus this marketing tool provides for a​ great way to​ avoid risk and still not spend a​ dime. This is​ unlike other high cost alternatives like PPC or​ flash advertising which need a​ lot of​ investment.

Choose your niche

With article marketing you​ always have a​ choice to​ select the​ niche business segment of​ choice. Thus you​ could be focusing on​ a​ very select target segment which not many other providers have targeted. This way you​ can submit your articles to​ article directories and start to​ generate interest and reaction in​ this segment. Since the​ segment will be relatively new and untapped,​ you​ can expect to​ become a​ domain leader very soon.


Once you​ start submitting your articles to​ article directories on​ a​ regular basis you​ can transform the​ way people perceive your website. the​ fact that you​ are writing on​ a​ set of​ topics related to​ a​ particular theme and niche makes people online think of​ you​ as​ a​ subject matter expert of​ sorts. Thus people will turn to​ you​ for advice and recommendation when they need information on​ the​ same subject. Over an​ extended period of​ time such article directories will allow you​ to​ establish yourself and your business as​ a​ domain expert. What this means for your business is​ more customers and more sales.

Interesting topics

The kind of​ topics you​ write on​ can largely affect the​ popularity and sales of​ your business online. Usually customers like to​ read about informative articles which educate them. Thus topics which begin with ‘how to’ or​ ‘great tips’ or​ ’10 best ways’ etc. are bound to​ get you​ more attention. By submitting such articles to​ article directories you​ can greatly enhance the​ appeal and popularity of​ your site online. Then the​ sky is​ the​ limit and you​ can enjoy endless possibilities in​ your business.

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