Are You Fighting The Internet Marketing Game Losing

Are You Fighting The Internet Marketing Game Losing

Do you​ ever feel like you​ are in​ a​ WWE wrestling match? a​ WWE wrestling match between you,​the Internet Gurus & the​ Internet?

I felt the​ same way,​ until recently,​ but we'll get back to​ that later.

You want to​ guess who's going to​ win the​ WWE fight,​now that the​ Internet has changed big time?

Well,​ I'll tell you.

Internet Marketing has ben around for a​ long long time. And as​ of​ right now there are quite a​ few very wealthy Guru's out there,​ and that's what we all want to​ follow. These gurus have lists as​ long as​ your main street,​and all they have to​ do is​ send out one email,​ and bam,​ here comes a​ few more thousand dollars.

Wouldn't you​ love to​ do that as​ well? And I bet you​ are working extreamly hard to​ have that happen,​ working 4-6 hours a​ day,​ sometimes more,​ buying just about everything that says buy this and you'll become rich just like me. Buying up domain names so you​ can get your product you​ just bought out there and ready to​ sell to​ your list you​ just bought,​ buying lists of​ optins to​ get started,​ and all this costs lots of​ money. Awesome,​I did the​ very same thing.Good for you.

Now sit back and ask yourself,​ is​ all of​ this working. Am I making any money to​ speak of,​ or​ am I still fighting in​ the​ WWE.

I truly hope you​ are making money.

I sold a​ few products just after I got started,​ big ticket items,​ as​ an​ affiliate. I sold 2 $488.00 programs to​ a​ list of​ 28 people,​ and the​ contract was that I get 50% of​ the​ sale. So I got a​ cheque in​ the​ mail for $244.00 for the​ first one I sold. And waited and waited and waited for the​ other $244.00. Never got it. He shut his site down and that was it.Didn't make me too happy,​ no siree!

I kept trucking along though and was getting nowhere fast,​and spending even more money for these so called resell programs that everybody wants.

Nobody wanted any of​ them.

Sound familiar?

I bought loads of​ programs,​ downloaded loads of​ ebooks full of​ information to​ help my business succeed,​ was working 5-10 hours a​ day on​ my Internet business,​ and 10-17 hours a​ day on​ my job,​ and I was enjoying all of​ it,​ except not making any money.

I was back fighting in​ the​ WWE.

Three months ago,​ I entered 2 products on​ a​ site called 117 Christmas Gifts ( That was the​ best thing that could have happened to​ me. Not only did I get a​ lot of​ optins,​I got some pretty cool information from the​ owner of​ the​ site.

I am no longer fighting in​ the​ WWE.

The owner and inventor of​ 117 christmas gifts is​ Henry Gold.

While I was in​ the​ site with my products,​ Henry was promoting one of​ his other products,​ a​ no charge product. I love no charge products. He was promoting a​ secret,​ a​ secret no other marketer dare promote,​ in​ fear of​ losing money because of​ how powerful this information is.

Internet Marketing has changed big time in​ the​ last 6 months,​this secret,​ this Underground Secret,​ is​ the​ new beginning to​ your very profitable future.

If you​ choose to​ go and get this Underground Secret Information.

Go and get it​ for yourself and your family,​ not for Henry or​ myself.

You can find it​ here:

I have learned more in​ 3 weeks with this information,​ than I ever did with any other information that I have bought or​ recieved at​ no cost.

It's all about the​ new Web2.0,​ so you​ can stop fighting WWE.

The information Henry is​ giving you​ is​ second to​ none. I strongly encourage you​ to​ go there now and get this information,​ this Underground Secret. it​ will rock your world!

Inside that report will be a​ package called the​ Master Mind Package. Look at​ it​ and decide how you​ want your business to​ develope. This package will get you​ there.

It will change your life because it​ changed mine.

To Your New Future Success

Ken Landry

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