Are Advertisers To Blame For Americans Weight Loss Issues

Are Advertisers To Blame For Americans Weight Loss Issues

Regardless of​ which side of​ this debate you are on,​ it​ can be argued that advertisers have used food almost as​ a​ weapon to​ gain market share for their clients. the​ war of​ fighting to​ get the​ consumer’s attention to​ purchase certain types of​ food has adversely affected many people’s effort to​ achieve permanent weight loss.

Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey have also made weight loss and how to​ lose weight a​ highly marketable issue on​ her famous talk show. Oprah herself has suffered with the​ battle of​ weight loss and has publicly shown how difficult it​ can be for us to​ lose weight in​ the​ face of​ the​ availability of​ food and the​ advertising surrounding food. Everyone at​ some time in​ his/her life has tried to​ lose weight and some have been struggling unsuccessfully with weight loss.

Therefore weight loss is​ not an​ issue for the​ rich or​ poor in​ our society but it​ is​ an​ issue for everyone concerned about the​ health,​ survival and quality of​ life of​ the​ next generation. we​ have to​ avoid the​ blame game and seek to​ seriously address the​ issue of​ obesity,​ especially childhood obesity. Society needs to​ make demands on​ advertisers. Junk food targeting young,​ impressionable kids needs to​ be curtailed and avoided altogether.

Parents should be re-educated on​ the​ nutritional value of​ food for growing,​ young children. While the​ ultimate goal is​ to​ achieve weight loss and prevent obesity,​ it​ is​ more important to​ teach people how to​ prepare nutritious foods and snacks from the​ simple fruit and vegetables that are found in​ all food stores across America. guide to​ natural weight loss program gives the​ tools necessary to​ take control of​ the​ amount of​ weight loss. it​ works on​ the​ old fable of​ "give a​ fish,​ feed a​ man for a​ day" but "teach him to​ fish and feed him for a​ lifetime". Armed with the​ lose weight tools,​ people will improve their health,​ spend less time in​ hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Obese people have learned all their bad eating habits from the​ advertisements that have been forced on​ them by special interests groups in​ society. Obesity is​ the​ resulting problem and now these same special interests groups want to​ penalize the​ obese

Law professor,​ John Banzhaf is​ labelled a​ "public interest law professor". Therefore,​ the​ public purpose - save tens of​ billions in​ health insurance costs by forcing the​ advertisers and their clients to​ develop commercials to​ show how natural foods (fruit and vegetables) can be used to​ lose weight. This is​ another classic example of​ blaming the​ victim. Obese people are products of​ the​ social and economic environment that we​ have all created.

Are Advertisers To Blame For Americans Weight Loss Issues

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