Antivirus Software A Must Have Protection For Computers

Antivirus Software - a​ Must-have Protection For Computers
With the​ advent of​ computer viruses of​ all kinds,​ antivirus software installation in​ PCs has become a​ necessity .​
The antivirus software comprise of​ computer programs which strive to​ identify viruses and 'malware' (other malicious software),​ thwart their endeavors and eliminate them altogether .​
About Antivirus Software
The antivirus software program may come installed on​ your computer or​ may be purchased and installed by you​ .​
There are quite a​ few 'invaders' against which the​ computer needs to​ be protected against .​
There are the​ viruses,​ worms,​ Trojan horses and so on​ .​
The best antivirus software available is​ geared to​ offer protection against the​ whole range of​ such known viruses and malware .​
The potential damage that viruses can inflict such as​ deletion of​ files,​ unauthorized access to​ personal data,​ and usage of​ the​ computer as​ a​ platform to​ carry out attack on​ other computers,​ can all be thwarted by installing at​ least one of​ the​ top ten antivirus software products .​
Techniques Used By Antivirus Software
The antivirus software usually uses two alternative techniques .​
It scans files for viruses that match the​ definitions given in​ virus dictionaries,​ or​ it​ identifies infection indicated by suspicious behavior from some computer program.
Some of​ the​ best antivirus software come for free .​
Usuaslly the​ best free antivirus software adopts both the​ techniques .​
However,​ the​ best antivirus software packages put special emphasis on​ the​ virus dictionary matching approach .​
Features to​ Look For in​ the​ Best Antivirus Software Packages
Look for the​ following features when purchasing an​ antivirus software product of​ choice:
Simplicity and ease of​ use of​ the​ software so that even a​ person with little knowledge of​ computers or​ viruses can use and install it.
Effectiveness in​ identifying viruses,​ worms and the​ like is​ a​ desirable feature of​ the​ best antivirus software products .​

Efficacy in​ cleaning out or​ isolating of​ files already infected so as​ to​ prevent further infection is​ another important feature that should be included in​ any good antivirus software .​
Each of​ the​ best antivirus software products assure high level of​ security for Windows based PCs .​
Depending on​ the​ uniqueness of​ the​ system in​ use you​ can choose from among the​ top 10 antivirus software products available from online sources.

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