Anti Virus Software Fighting Back Against Computer Infections

Anti-Virus Software Fighting Back Against Computer Infections
Many computer users adopt the​ ‘it will never happen to​ me’ policy,​ but there are a​ number of​ computer viruses out there just waiting to​ infect and destroy the​ information contained on​ their hard-drive .​
This is​ why companies invented anti-virus software,​ which is​ a​ program that automatically helps to​ detect the​ presence of​ viruses on​ a​ computer or​ in​ a​ file before it​ is​ opened .​
Anyone who spends a​ considerable amount of​ time surfing the​ internet,​ visiting unfamiliar websites or​ downloading photographs is​ at​ a​ higher risk for computer viruses than those who do not .​
Computer viruses are typically attached to​ word processing documents,​ computer programs and images which,​ if​ downloaded,​ may instantly affect the​ computer’s performance.
If a​ computer virus infects a​ computer,​ the​ owner may immediately lose everything in​ their computer and may be forced to​ use the​ factory restore disk .​
This CD,​ which is​ accompanied by most new computers,​ will restore the​ computer to​ it’s original factory settings.
Anti-virus software is​ quite affordable considering it’s wealth of​ use .​
Without it,​ computer users are at​ constant risk for computer viruses .​
Anti-virus software can generally be found at​ any computer manufacturer’s website,​ retail store’s electronic department or​ online at​ many retailers selling computers .​

Anyone who suspects that their computer may be infected with a​ virus should refrain from sending any e-mail messages or​ uploading photos to​ family or​ friends .​
Otherwise,​ the​ virus may spread to​ infect their computers as​ well.
Anti-virus software is​ available most commonly on​ a​ CD-Rom,​ but may also be downloaded from some manufacturers .​
By double clicking on​ the​ software,​ the​ anti-virus program will begin to​ perform a​ scan of​ your entire computer .​
as​ it​ progresses,​ it​ will give you​ an​ update on​ any potential located viruses or​ files that may be of​ concern .​
in​ addition,​ some anti-virus software will allow users to​ scan a​ single file before opening it .​
For example,​ if​ a​ computer user were to​ download an​ image but wanted to​ run a​ virus scan on​ it​ prior to​ opening the​ file,​ he/she could click on​ the​ anti-virus software and direct it​ toward the​ file in​ question .​
the​ anti-virus program would scan the​ file for potential viruses and will post the​ results immediately on​ the​ computer screen .​
This will allow the​ computer user to​ know which files are safe and which are not .​

In today’s world,​ anti-virus software is​ to​ computers as​ Tylenol is​ to​ headaches .​
It’s both a​ preventative approach and a​ cure for certain ailments affecting a​ computer .​
If a​ user does not have anti-virus software pre-installed into their computer,​ it​ is​ recommended that they purchase a​ program immediately before logging on​ to​ the​ internet.

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