Anti Phishing Software

Anti Phishing Software
If you​ use the​ internet and have an​ email address,​ there is​ no doubt that you​ have received a​ fraudulent email asking you​ to​ verify your account information .​
Many criminals will pose as​ your bank or​ credit card company,​ and will ask for your information in​ order verify your account .​
In reality,​ once this information is​ provided,​ you​ are likely to​ become the​ victim of​ a​ fraud called phishing .​
This is​ one of​ the​ most notorious forms of​ internet fraud,​ and has seen a​ growth in​ recent years with the​ increase in​ email usage.
Because it​ costs nothing to​ send out an​ email,​ it​ is​ possible to​ send out hundreds of​ thousands of​ emails within a​ short time .​
Criminals know that despite the​ fact that many people will ignore these emails,​ a​ small percentage of​ recipients will reply .​
Once this information has been received,​ criminals will use to​ it​ defraud customers,​ running up high bills or​ making expensive purchases .​
Some will even use this information for identity theft .​
To stop this fraud,​ a​ number of​ anti phishing services are available online.
These services offer software which will track fraudulent email and websites .​
Many people use this anti phishing software,​ and by joining them you​ will be able to​ fight back against phishing .​
Many anti phishing services will have a​ database in​ which they keep a​ list of​ fraudulent websites .​
They will help you​ avoid fraudulent emails sent by criminals who wish to​ take yout data to​ defraud you​ .​
If you​ have never received a​ fraudulent email,​ or​ have never been to​ a​ fake website,​ you​ are fortunate.
However,​ as​ use of​ the​ internet continues to​ increase,​ more people will become the​ victims of​ fraud unless they take steps to​ permit it .​
Despite the​ fact that there have been many media reports about phishing,​ and people have been warned never to​ give sensitive information via email,​ many still do .​
This is​ why it​ is​ important to​ use ant phishing software which will stop you​ from becoming a​ victim .​
Many large companies such as​ AOL plan to​ fight the​ problem by charging customers to​ send out emails.
This isn't the​ answer,​ and people shouldn't have to​ pay in​ order to​ be protected .​
Gralic Wrap is​ a​ online service which offers anti phishing software free of​ charge,​ and can be found at​ .​
They offer a​ phishing protection tool along with a​ large database of​ fraudulent sites which will keep you​ protected and informed .​
You have the​ right to​ use the​ internet without fear of​ being defrauded,​ and you​ shouldn't have to​ resort to​ paying for emails in​ order to​ avoid becoming the​ victim of​ fraud.
Phishing is​ a​ problem which is​ only expected to​ get worse .​
Criminals are discovering new tricks daily on​ how to​ defraud their victims .​
Though you​ don't have to​ understand how these tricks work,​ it​ is​ important to​ take the​ fundamental steps necessary to​ protect you​ and your family .​
Fraud is​ costly,​ and millions of​ dollars each year are lost due to​ internet fraud.

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