Anonymous Visitor Marketing

Anonymous Visitor Marketing

Anonymous Visitor Marketing
Anonymous visitor marketing or​ anonymous user marketing is​ nothing but changing the​ content of​ the​ website according to​ the​ taste of​ the​ visitor and thus making the​ information more relevant .​
Some kind of​ data is​ attached with each user known as​ metadata or​ supplemental data that is​ similar to​ human sensory nerves and gives an​ idea about how to​ react to​ the​ approaching person .​
Metadata or​ supplemental data consists of​ information like the​ geographic location,​ IP address,​ browser languages like English,​ Chinese,​ German,​ etc.,​ and also information about domain extension like .edu,​ .gov,​ .mil,​ etc.,​ internet connection speed,​ operating system,​ search keyword or​ sentence,​ referring URL and screen resolution .​
Graphical location tells about the​ approximate address of​ the​ visitor .​
By this information,​ the​ server can search and display information which is​ specific for the​ people of​ that location .​
Information like climate,​ temperature,​ local happening,​ and time can be displayed accurately .​

IP address or​ Internet protocol address gives idea of​ the​ specific Internet service,​ company the​ person is​ related to​ .​
If belonging to​ an​ Internet provider the​ web page displays the​ speed of​ the​ connection and if​ related to​ a​ specific company the​ website displays the​ name and logo of​ the​ company.
A web page can be formatted in​ different languages .​
By analyzing the​ browser language,​ the​ visitor can be can be served with a​ web page which is​ easy for him to​ understand and the​ visitor is​ made to​ feel that the​ website is​ centered on​ his mother tongue which will make him more comfortable .​
Different organizations and different sectors have different domain extensions .​
a​ website with a​ .gov extension means that its a​ government website and a​ website with .edu extension refers to​ an​ educational organization .​
So the​ content of​ the​ webpage can be changed according to​ the​ organization the​ visitor is​ related to​ .​
Depending on​ the​ Internet connection speed if​ there are any multimedia downloads the​ size of​ downloads can also be managed .​
There will be different resolution versions of​ a​ particular download and if​ the​ speed is​ low,​ multimedia with the​ lowest resolution will be downloaded to​ the​ visitor’s temporary Internet files .​
This will not interrupt the​ normal working of​ the​ computer .​
Different operating systems have different requirements and their functionality also varies .​
Some websites provide downloadable software and updates which will not be compatible with all kinds of​ operating systems .​
These limitations can be determined without interrupting the​ user .​
Search keyword or​ sentence can be utilized to​ apply search engine optimization techniques or​ SEO techniques to​ the​ website to​ make the​ matter more relevant .​
Linking data to​ a​ specific keyword,​ which is​ displayed automatically making the​ visitor feel that his query was dealt with effectively,​ does this .​

Referring URL helps the​ sponsor to​ compare data with that of​ the​ previous page and bring it​ on​ the​ present page .​
This increases the​ competition between the​ websites,​ the​ present website will try to​ prove to​ be better than the​ previous website .​
If the​ visitor is​ surfing the​ Internet with his hand held device or​ mobile,​ the​ content of​ the​ website is​ trimmed to​ fit the​ screen resolution of​ the​ device .​
If the​ amount of​ data that is​ viewed on​ a​ normal monitor is​ displayed over the​ hand held device,​ the​ data will overlap with each other and the​ content won’t be readable .​

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