Anatomy Of Successful Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

Bulk email marketing is​ a​ way to​ reach prospective customers and to​ stay in​ communication with existing clients. it​ has become a​ big business over the​ last years what is​ quite justified. Bulk email marketing provides companies and organizations with a​ great possibility to​ advertise and sell their products and services. Sending letters to​ prospects and customers via email is​ quicker and less expensive than traditional bulk postage mail. Plus,​ you​ can easily contact people in​ all parts of​ the​ world and your growing email list will be bringing you​ more sales. With all that,​ bulk email marketing has one main disadvantage - unsolicited emails,​ often labeled as​ “spam”. Unsolicited emails are the​ emails that the​ recipient didn’t request. if​ one sends the​ messages to​ someone else without his permission,​ those emails are classified as​ spam. Sending spam can ruin the​ company's reputation as​ people usually blame this type of​ mail received without their consent.

So,​ to​ accomplish a​ focused,​ targeted,​ and effective bulk email campaign that will bring you​ the​ results,​ you​ should consider some points before implementing it. the​ key to​ success is​ to​ follow some rules when planning your campaign.

Email Marketing Objectives

Decide on​ what you​ will tell to​ your audience,​ what you​ want to​ achieve with your email campaign. is​ it​ a​ newsletter for establishing a​ relationship with your prospect customers,​ or​ is​ it​ a​ sales-oriented letter for your existing clients? Do you​ want to​ generate leads,​ bring more traffic to​ your web site,​ inspire the​ loyalty,​ or​ increase sales?

Building Your Email List

Don’t buy ready-made lists of​ email addresses from a​ source that you​ don't know well. Don’t use email harvester software to​ collect the​ email addresses from web sites. the​ best approved way to​ build your own mailing list is​ to​ design a​ sing-in form on​ your web page. People who visit your site and are interested in​ learning more about your products and services will leave you​ their email addresses. Over time you’ll build a​ database of​ subscribers who signed up to​ hear from you. if​ you​ segment your subscribers depending on​ their preferences,​ you’ll need to​ design multiple email messages to​ send more relevant information to​ each audience.

Don't Sell at​ Once

Don’t start selling in​ the​ first letter. in​ your first emails you​ should talk about the​ customers’ problems and provide some useful information about your business. if​ you​ sell software,​ inform people about the​ latest releases,​ and include software reviews that you​ have read. Always keep the​ content of​ your emails in​ line with what people signed up for. Be careful at​ declaring that you​ are the​ solution for them until they have some trust and faith for you. you​ can remind them of​ your services at​ the​ end of​ your message.

Personalize Your Message

Your email message will look more professional and reputable if​ you​ personalize it​ by addressing your subscriber by name. a​ personalized message makes the​ impression that you​ value every subscriber and thoroughly prepared your email campaign.

Write in​ the​ Informal and Comprehensive Manner

Don’t make your message content too official and abstruse. Keep to​ the​ informal tone of​ writing. But don’t make it​ too chatty either. Find the​ golden mean. Write like you​ are telling a​ story. Avoid direct commands and obstinate requests. Include advices and suggestions by using the​ phrases like "In our experience...",​ “We discovered…”,​ “Our research shows…” etc.

Avoid using big attachments. They increase the​ size of​ your message and take some time to​ download. you​ should better unload the​ file that you​ intend to​ attach to​ your web site and give the​ link to​ it​ in​ your message. Those recipients who would be interested to​ see the​ attachment will download the​ file onto their computers. if​ you​ use links within the​ message,​ make sure they are working. Don’t use too many “I” and “We” in​ your message. Don’t focus much on​ yourself or​ your company regalia. Nobody is​ interested in​ your personal information. the​ content must be relevant and meet the​ customer’s interests.

Your subject line. it​ should be short and to​ the​ point.

And finally,​ how are people supposed to​ unsubscribe from your email list? Don’t forget to​ provide them with an​ unsubscribe link somewhere in​ your message.

Make it​ a​ rule to​ always read your email copy several times before you​ send it​ out. a​ nice idea is​ to​ have someone else read your message with a​ fresh look. It’s better to​ discover and correct any possible mistake and typos beforehand rather than make your subscribers feel you​ lack precision.

Manage Bounces and Unsubscribes

You should be ready to​ receive bounced messages. People change the​ email addresses from to​ time and they may not notify you​ about it. So,​ you​ shouldn’t expect that your email message will reach all your subscribers. Remove bounced email addresses and the​ emails addresses of​ those recipients who unsubscribed from your database or​ mailing list. This will help you​ maintain a​ database of​ those customers and prospects only who really want to​ hear from you.

So,​ it​ turns out that the​ route to​ effective email marketing is​ not so easy and simple. you​ should spend some efforts and time to​ achieve a​ success with your bulk email campaign. But it’s worth it,​ isn’t it?

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