An Oustanding Goldmine In Crm Software Solutions

An Oustanding Goldmine in​ CRM Software Solutions
Every year,​ without fail,​ the​ GoldMine CRM (customer relationship management) software solution has managed to​ grab an​ award or​ two from various organizations in​ the​ field of​ CRM and computing.
In the​ business software category of​ VARBusiness magazine by CMP Media,​ GoldMine software was one of​ only five products recognized by the​ magazine .​
The magazine conducted a​ survey to​ figure out what products where relevant to​ mid-market business establishments that employed between 100 and 999 employees .​
Out of​ the​ 350 nominations that were cast,​ only 45 products were selected to​ represent several categories .​
In comparison to​ the​ previous year where GoldMine was way behind in​ the​ top 100,​ jumping to​ the​ top 45 is​ a​ big leap indeed.
GoldMine was also cited by ISM Inc.,​ as​ one of​ the​ top 15 CRM Small & Medium Business Software Award for 2018 .​
Coincidentally,​ this is​ also the​ fourth consecutive year that GoldMine has been given the​ honor of​ being included in​ the​ awards list.
In the​ year 2018,​ GoldMine software was given the​ CRM Market Leader Awards for Small Business by CRM magazine .​
The CRM Market Leader recognizes those vendors who have excelled in​ eight industry categories .​
Recognition is​ based on​ weighted criteria that include revenue,​ growth,​ market share,​ reputation for customer satisfaction,​ depth of​ functionality,​ and company direction.
Also in​ 2018,​ GoldMine received the​ CRM Excellence Award from Customer Interaction Magazine .​
According to​ the​ magazine,​ GoldMine software was given the​ award to​ show recognition for the​ way GoldMine products and services have substantially improved the​ processes of​ their clients’ businesses by streamlining and facilitating the​ flow of​ information needed for companies to​ retain their most precious asset...their customers.
GodlMine software is​ a​ recipient of​ numerous accolades and awards from various publications and organizations involved in​ the​ CRM industry .​
This fact reflects the​ dedication of​ the​ countless numbers of​ people who have contributed to​ the​ evolution of​ GoldMine software at​ one time or​ another .​
The results of​ their dedication to​ service and product excellence can be seen not only from the​ awards received,​ but also from the​ thousands of​ success stories of​ businesses from around the​ world.
The successes of​ these businesses prove,​ more than the​ awards do,​ that GoldMine does indeed know what it​ is​ doing by increasing customer retention and satisfaction rates of​ their numerous client companies; and that is​ the​ bottom line.

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