An Online Millionaire Plan Basics Of Earning Millions Online Through Internet Marketing

How to​ get started

First off,​ some points about money. People pay money,​ a​ valuable,​ in​ exchange for a​ product or​ service you​ provide - another valuable. It's really barter,​ with a​ commodity called money. People buy things which will improve their lives,​ which gives them some benefit they feel they need. you​ aren't really in​ it​ for the​ money,​ but to​ provide better service to​ people so that they can improve their lives. That's a​ perfect fit - they want to​ spend money to​ improve their lives and you​ are more than happy to​ accept money to​ enable them to​ do so - with your product and services.

Money is​ really just an​ indicator of​ how much you​ provide real service to​ others - and how valuable they think that service is. We've gone over how you​ can increase your income by giving it​ away,​ as​ well.

Now,​ down to​ the​ brass tacks of​ what to​ do when and why.

Before we start -

Don't quit your day job. Rome wasn't built in​ a​ day,​ God took seven to​ create this world - so don't figure you​ are going to​ become a​ millionaire overnight. I've heard some talented people got rich in​ 90 days,​ but we'll take the​ conservative approach here.

Until your Internet activities start bringing income to​ you,​ that day job will be providing the​ seed money for your online business.

Consider all your online activites a​ second job. This is​ much better than going to​ get a​ second job at​ some company. Then you​ are spending 60 hours a​ week just working for a​ fixed wage - away from your family and giving a​ large proportion of​ it​ to​ the​ government and insurance companies with very little return.

So your online business is​ your second job. Set it​ up with a​ specific workplace and a​ schedule. Treat it​ like a​ business,​ not a​ hobby. Show up on​ time and ready to​ work - not late and hung over or​ taking constant breaks for food - or​ having the​ TV running so you​ can "catch the​ game". Arrange for your spouse and kids to​ keep the​ noise down - or​ set up your garage so it​ is​ comfortable all year round and you​ can easily work there with no distractions. (Remember,​ setting this up as​ an​ actual business means you​ can deduct these expenses from your "day job" income tax.)

Work out your finances. See if​ you​ can get by on​ only 80% of​ what you​ currently earn in​ income from your day job. Means you​ are going to​ have to​ set up a​ budget and find out what you​ are spending your money on. or​ - you​ could simply have your check deposited directly,​ 80% going into your checking account and 20% going into your savings account (preferably) or​ another account.

What you​ do with that 20% is​ to​ set half away for savings - never touch this for anything except,​ perhaps,​ a​ real emergency. the​ other half (10% of​ your income after taxes) goes to​ investment. This is​ what you​ are allowed to​ spend on​ your online business. But the​ idea again is​ that you​ are investing in​ your own business - not just blowing it​ on​ nice stuff for your home office.

Once you​ have your home business set up,​ you​ are then - an​ only then - ready to​ really start in​ on​ Internet Marketing,​ Sales,​ and Delivery.

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