An Internet Marketing Gurus True Story

An Internet Marketing Gurus True Story

Get Gone starts out as​ jottings of​ the​ traumatic few days in​ the​ breakdown of​ a​ long relationship between two soul mates and lovers. One who dreams and an​ Internet marketing guru who deals with reality. Get Gone tells of​ how the​ desires of​ one consumed and depleted the​ other. Get Gone tells of​ illusions,​ spirits and black magic. Get Gone spells out the​ anguish of​ uncertainty and emptiness. the​ big difference is​ that Get Gone has only just started,​ its already beyond those few days and into even deeper territory. Where emotions are at​ critical and losses will be huge,​ and changes are already intensively decisive. This story has much distance to​ go and captivating pages to​ produce,​ into a​ future you​ could not even start to​ imagine and from a​ past that will spell bind you. Its destined to​ be a​ book better than any fiction. They say fact is​ stranger than fiction,​ well here is​ the​ actual marketing proof.

But most of​ all,​ Get Gone tells it​ as​ it​ happens,​ sometimes minute by anguishing real true minute. This is​ wilder than any romance,​ better than any fantasy,​ more mind blowing than any trip,​ deeper than any emotion and frightening. And its true as​ it​ happens! Episode by unsuspecting episode. There is​ a​ mountain to​ be learnt from this far out experience and a​ whole lot of​ very unusual stuff to​ get used to. But,​ Get Gone has only just started,​ the​ story is​ developing day by riveting day with who knows what outcome. But it​ sure is​ addictive stuff and you​ never know what is​ coming next. as​ an​ Internet Marketing Viral,​ it​ could be pure dynamite.
Its much better than Big Brother or​ Coronation street or​ any soap for that matter,​ this is​ real unique content,​ like never before. They didn't have illusions and evil spirits in​ them now did they? or​ the​ promise of​ intensive love triangles and passionate affairs destined to​ be? or​ promises of​ new equally unbelievable adventures in​ far off places with who knows who? or​ even complete disaster!
All emotions laid open to​ the​ core and all things are possible with this saga.

Will it​ all work out? is​ there even bigger problems to​ come? Will there be new loves in​ the​ air or​ deeper despair? Will the​ Chauffeurs queue up outside? Will independence be found? Will Elizabeth change direction yet again? Will she ever find true happiness? Will torrid love affairs develope? Will a​ new home be on​ the​ horizon? Will the​ Internet marketing succeed? Will there be even bigger illusions? Will the​ cleaner be gay? Will new spirits or​ devils appear? Will he wear a​ condom? There is​ so much that will yet happen and even the​ author knows not will or​ wont.

This could make make best read of​ the​ year on​ the​ Internet or​ even best read of​ the​ year,​ full stop!

An Internet Marketing Gurus True Story

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