An Internet Business Can Be Your Financial Saftey Net

The other day I was talking to​ a​ couple of​ my friends at​ a​ coffee shop and we were discussing the​ inability for average workers to​ get ahead. John had just received some money from a​ relative and had spent the​ day trying to​ get a​ good rate for his investment. He had only been offered 5.5% and wanted more.

He had $10,​000 to​ invest and was happy with an​ interest rate of​ 5.75%. the​ best "at call" rate he had found after much research with financial institutions. He was after a​ safe investment during these uncertain times.

My other friend responded,​ "I wish I had the​ spare $10,​000 to​ invest in​ the​ first place!". He went on​ to​ say that how difficult he found it​ to​ save any money after paying his bills each week. (Something you​ hear all the​ time)

We got out the​ napkin and a​ pen and looked at​ the​ situation. He had put all his efforts into running around to​ get an​ extra 0.25% on​ his money!

So instead of​ getting $550 in​ interest on​ his ten grand for the​ next 12 months,​ he would now be receiving $575.... Big deal....

An extra $25 for the​ year! He probably spent that much driving around and in​ phone calls.

What a​ waste of​ time and energy if​ you​ think about it!

My other friend on​ the​ other hand would love to​ have an​ extra $10,​000 to​ invest. However,​ his day job does not allow him to​ save enough to​ "get ahead".

But.... He possesses a​ crucial ingredient that can earn the​ extra money he desires.... the​ ingredient is.... His "spare time".

Without changing or​ giving up your "day job",​ asking for a​ pay rise,​ or​ finding a​ second part time job....
The average PC literate person can earn a​ substantial extra income from home just by selling simple information products they create themselves based on​ what they "already know" and all in​ their spare time.

Marketing information.... Information people want,​ in​ the​ form of​ ebooks,​ ebooklets,​ special reports,​ audio tapes,​ video's and CD-roms is​ still the​ best home based Internet business you​ can start.

It's as​ true today as​ it​ was four years ago on​ the​ Internet.

People often ask me if​ it​ is​ really possible to​ earn decent money on​ the​ Internet if​ you​ only have a​ few spare hours in​ a​ day to​ devote to​ your online business. Surely the​ law of​ business prohibits you​ from "gaining a​ lot for very little"?

Here is​ the​ key that many people new to​ online business MISS....

You might only work 2 spare hours a​ day on​ your little Web business BUT your Web business (your website) WORKS FULL TIME 24 hours a​ day for you!... This is​ the​ reason why it​ does not take much of​ your time and yet can return far more than an​ hourly wage for the​ ACTUAL hours you​ put in.

Having a​ well-constructed website that sells for you​ 24 hours a​ day,​ 365 days a​ year on​ "autopilot" is​ like having an​ "electronic employee or​ salesman" working for you​ and presenting your product perfectly every time.

It's a​ business that works unmanned... Like a​ shop that never closes.

But you​ know.... It's not just the​ money you​ make,​ it’s about establishing something else....A "safety Net" in​ hard times....

A small insurance policy should the​ worst happen.

Nobody can retrench you​ from your own business. a​ business that can never go broke either.... you​ can even set up a​ free website and perform zero cost marketing promotions. Zero overheads. Maximum profits.

That's how I started and you​ can do the​ same.

Even in​ hard times.... War,​ Anthrax scares,​ recession,​ have not effected my online business. Sales may not have increased,​ but they have not declined.

You may also think that you​ need "talent",​ writing skills and a​ certain level of​ education to​ succeed in​ running an​ online information product business. Not so,​ the​ world is​ full of​ educated and talented failures. What you​ do need however is​ "persistence" and a​ dogged determination to​ succeed.

So if​ you​ don't have spare money to​ invest,​ like my friend did,​ don't worry,​ 12 months from now you​ will have much more than my other friend who has invested his money to​ earn a​ measly interest of​ $575!!

You could have the​ same $10,​000 plus an​ ongoing income from investing your "spare time" instead.

So next time you​ put your feet up in​ your spare hours,​ consider investing some of​ those hours up online!

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