An Amazing 5 Step Formula Shows You How To Make Money Online

An Amazing 5 Step Formula Shows you​ How to​ Make Money Online
Follow these super simple 5 steps for making money online and get ahead of​ 95 per cent of​ other marketers.
*Step 1* Target a​ large group of​ people
First you​ need to​ research your intended market .​
You need find a​ reasonably large number of​ targeted individuals who have money to​ spend and a​ problem that
needs solving .​
To make money online you​ need to​ offer a​ great product,​ or​ service,​ that solves a​ problem for them.
You need to​ research:
(a) What are people searching for online?
(b) How many people are searching online for a​ solution to​ their particular problem?
First though,​ what should you​ be marketing in​ your proposed new online business?
Ideally,​ you​ should market something that you​ have a​ keen interest in,​ this will keep you​ motivated .​
You can find out what people are searching for at​ Google here: and at​ who currently offer a​ free trial at​
*Step 2* Locate a​ great product
Once you​ have researched your target market,​ it​ is​ time to​ quickly locate your products or​ services .​
If you​ have your own product great,​ if​ not then there are plenty of​ options to​ sell,​ or​ resell other peoples products.
There are thousands of​ products you​ can find quickly .​
However,​ marketing and selling a​ really good product needs a​ little more attention (you could create
your own but you​ want to​ get started fast,​ right?)
Next...locate your products

You can choose to​ promote physical products or​ digital online products .​
Digital products cover many different areas of​ interest and are incredibly profitable .​
There are no delivery costs with digital download products they are a​ good choice to​ promote as​ most offer good margins.
Here are some prime resources for sourcing digital products:
There are other resources but the​ above sites are a​ great place to​ start for all types of​ fast selling digital download products.
*Step 3* Market to​ your target audience
Now you​ have researched your chosen market,​ and located great products you​ can sell,​ it’s time to​ reach out and grab those targeted individuals .​
So how are you​ going to​ attract your hungry buyers at​ little or​ no cost?
You MUST reach your target market in​ a​ way that allows you​ still to​ make a​ good profit .​
There are many ways to​ achieve this (that is​ another book in​ itself) but I’m going to​ show you​ the​ most cost effective way to​ market almost any product or​ service online .​
In fact it​ is​ so cost effective it​ won’t cost you​ anything (just a​ little time set aside to​ complete it).
So what is​ this free method?
Articles .​
Yes… article marketing is​ the​ most powerful way to​ attract ready made buyers to​ your site for little or​ NO cost .​
You basically write something that is​ informative and of​ interest to​ readers of​ your target market,​ then submit your articles to​ directories to​ get them published.
The links contained within your published articles will point back to​ your website and they will lead targeted visitors to​ your product .​
Articles can also be a​ major factor in​ giving any well optimized site higher rankings in​ search result pages .​
*Step 4* Offer a​ very tempting low cost (or free) product
When someone visits your site you​ must offer a​ FREE or​ relatively low-cost product to​ 'hook' your potential buyer from the​ outset .​
The aim is​ to​ get the​ prospect to​ ‘buy-in’ to​ you,​ so that you​ can start to​ establish a​ business relationship .​
a​ getting to​ know you​ stage if​ you​ like .​
Make your initial offer very difficult to​ turn down and at​ the​ same capture their email address so that you​ can follow up if​ they don’t buy the​ first time (1 per cent or​ less buy on​ their first visit to​ a​ website).
Once your customer has bought into your first product,​ this could be a​ free email course,​ a​ How to​ ebook,​ a​ mini report or​ a​ cheap $27 intro product,​ you​ must then begin to​ build up trust and offer more expensive products .​
The only way you​ can make a​ long term profit,​ and make money online,​ is​ by building on​ that first low margin sale .​
After the​ first sale you​ then follow up by offering ever more expensive products each time .​
As long as​ the​ products or​ services you​ offer are good and deliver what they promise,​ you​ will be giving value for money .​
That’s what we all want when we buy something .​
That is​ how all successful companies and individuals make a​ success out of​ their businesses.
*Step 5* Follow up and offer more expensive products
Repeat the​ process over and over again with successful products and services and drop the​ unsuccessful ones .​
These simple steps may seem really obvious but guess what,​ most marketers don’t do it .​
When you​ follow up with your customers you​ should be offering them related products to​ their first purchase .​
Use an​ autoresponder to​ automate your communications.
Follow this simple 5 step formula,​ research your idea thoroughly and you​ will make money online.
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