African Americans Are Embracing Internet Business

African Americans Are Embracing Internet Business

There has been strong growth among black people in​ America when it​ comes to​ use of​ the​ Internet. Yet African-American adults are still far behind their peers in​ other ethnic groups. This surge in​ Internet use has been driven by women in​ the​ black community. Black women have embraced Internet business with a​ passion and have no problem whipping out their debit cards to​ spend. What is​ it​ that the​ African American man in​ general finds unattractive about the​ Internet?

Also,​ the​ African-American Internet population is​ younger and a​ higher proportion of​ users without college diplomas. When African-Americans go online they are looking for info that is​ immediately beneficial to​ their lives such as​ looking for a​ new job or​ car. Entertainment features online are also popular,​ which is​ most likely a​ result of​ the​ relative youthfulness of​ the​ African-American Internet population. Because of​ the​ inexperience of​ the​ average African-American user,​ the​ Web has not been fully integrated into his or​ her daily life. African-Americans are less likely to​ use the​ Internet on​ a​ daily basis and also spend less time online than other groups.

Combine phenomenal increases in​ buying power,​ a​ growing population,​ and rising penetration into Internet business and you​ will find a​ valuable demographic market that is​ almost untapped online. the​ African-American community is​ becoming a​ strong online presence,​ and creating its own unique identity.

Research from the​ university of​ Georgia indicates that the​ nation's black buying power will surge from $688 billion in​ 2002 to​ $921 billion in​ 2008 when almost nine cents of​ every dollar spent will be from an​ African-American consumer. White buying power is​ expected to​ reach $8.50 trillion by 2008,​ representing a​ 25.9 increase over 2003,​ while African-Americans tally a​ 34 percent increase over the​ same period.

Internet marketers should take notice that most African-Americans read online ads,​ and 46 percent find them informative compared to​ 26 percent of​ the​ general population. Also,​ nearly three-quarters of​ African-Americans say the​ Internet has had a​ positive effect on​ their children. Which brings us back around to​ the​ popularity of​ the​ internet among black youth.

Just check out the​ popularity of​ with African American youth and you​ will see the​ Internet explosion about to​ happen in​ the​ black community in​ America. Keep in​ mind how advertising effects the​ many different cultures around the​ world and what it​ takes to​ advertise to​ them all. the​ Internet is​ global and as​ everyone gets better adjusted to​ its use,​ the​ stronger the​ world of​ e-commerce becomes.

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