Affiliate Web Sites Make Money

Affiliate Web Sites Make Money

Making money from your affiliate business.

If you​ have a​ hobby that you​ can turn into a​ job,​ you​ will never have to​ do a​ days work again! Do you​ have a​ hobby? Want to​ know how to​ turn that hobby into a​ work from home business?

Working from home and making money from your hobby is​ one of​ the​ easiest ways to​ generate an​ additional income for you​ and your family. the​ lucky ones get to​ work from home all day but I suggest you​ don't give up your day job!

You have to​ build your income.

A work from home business is​ the​ same as​ any other you​ need to​ work! However the​ amount of​ work you​ put in​ will be rewarded and besides,​ if​ its a​ hobby,​ you​ don't mind doing it. All you​ really need is​ a​ web site and an​ interest. it​ might even be possible to​ earn money from home with subject matter to​ which you​ have no knowledge.

So how is​ this possible?

By using pay per click (PPC) schemes,​ the​ classic being Google AdSense. Each time a​ visitor comes to​ your web site and clicks on​ a​ link,​ you​ earn money! it​ really is​ that simple. or​ is​ it? Well actually yes it​ is! if​ you​ can build a​ web site or​ get one built that you​ can add content too,​ then simply buy putting your knowledge onto your web site with some adsense links,​ you​ may earn some money. I say may,​ only because if​ your user does not click a​ link you​ will not earn but you​ are rich in​ the​ knowledge that you​ have helped some one. at​ least you​ should be,​ as​ if​ your site is​ good they might well return. This time they might click a​ link or​ two and then you​ start to​ earn.
How much can you​ earn?

There is​ no hard and fast rules here. Working from home and making a​ living from your computer should always be your secondary income. What you​ earn should be considered a​ bonus. a​ holiday fund or​ a​ new car fund. Your work from home income will be your luxury fund! Payment is​ worked out automatically,​ you​ basically get what you​ get but if​ you​ can attract visitors to​ you​ web site,​ you​ will start to​ earn a​ little extra money this is​ almost certain. Why so vague? There are no real methods of​ telling what a​ given home based affiliate web site might make in​ terms of​ money. the​ site needs to​ attract visitors who in​ turn need to​ click on​ an​ advert. if​ you​ have no visitors,​ your home business is​ going to​ take some extra work. you​ have to​ tell people about your site and where it​ is.


Search engine optimisation is​ the​ first port of​ call. Build your web site with the​ minimum of​ code and make it​ fast loading for your users. Add a​ site map to​ your web site. Add a​ link to​ your signature in​ any forums you​ belong to. Add links to​ pages in​ any reference you​ make to​ your site. Add the​ site link to​ your e-mail signature. Have cards made up and make sure your web site address is​ there too. Any where you​ can leave a​ link to​ your home based business is​ a​ seed for future earnings.


Content is​ king and search engines love it. if​ your web site business is​ hobby based,​ be sure to​ include every thing you​ know into your web site and as​ you​ learn more,​ add that too. Keep adding and adding,​ content is​ great spider food and spiders love fresh content. Updating your web site regularly is​ a​ must.

Don't be fooled.

You might come across adverts that say 'earn $5000 a​ month working from home. it​ might even say $10,​000/month working from home! I challenge these work from home schemes to​ prove the​ fact! the​ truth is​ no home working programme will give you​ an​ instant money tap. Many of​ these get rich quick sites are simply a​ rip off. a​ well crafted site will earn you​ a​ good income but you​ have to​ work at​ it,​ keep it​ updated and promote it​ every day if​ you​ can and eventually your seed will grow. How big? Only the​ effort you​ put in​ will tell. Advice,​ inspiration and implementation for affiliate web site design is​ freely available from

Good luck

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