Advice On Choosing Software To Create Proffesional Looking Slide Show Presentations

Advice On Choosing Software To Create Proffesional Looking Slide Show

Advice on​ choosing software to​ create proffesional looking slide show presentations.
When considering the​ best software packages to​ convert your digital images into slideshow presentations it​ is​ important to​ choose one that will cover all your requirements whether you​ are a​ beginner or​ an​ advanced user .​
As a​ beginner you​ will be looking for ease of​ use and the​ possibility to​ use a​ wizard – a​ simple menu driven option – to​ create impressive slideshows quickly and easily .​
The ability to​ add background music to​ the​ slideshow and even commentary recorded easily via a​ microphone will be essential .​
Once you​ have the​ basics have been mastered,​ the​ software should then to​ offer a​ range of​ sophisticated features and functions in​ order that you​ can get the​ maximum benefit from your digital images and photographs.
Images can be uploaded from digital cameras of​ course but it​ is​ important also to​ have the​ facility to​ use images that have been scanned into the​ PC and this feature is​ an​ absolute must when considering which package to​ go with .​
Some packages also limit the​ number of​ images that can be used in​ a​ presentation .​
This is​ not helpful when designing large presentations so ensure that you​ choose one that offers the​ option to​ include an​ unlimited number in​ your slideshow.
Think about how easy it​ will be to​ organise your all your images,​ sounds and music into the​ final presentation .​
There are packages on​ the​ market that can split presentations into smaller files or​ chapters which allows you​ to​ stay organised at​ all times .​
These chapters fit into a​ timeline which is​ an​ excellent way to​ lay out your presentation in​ much the​ same way as​ movie director will have scenes in​ a​ film script .​
The timeline allows the​ use to​ align all the​ object such as​ images and music against a​ point in​ time and synchronise flow of​ sounds and images.
Music and sounds that can be faded in​ and out by defining the​ volume with the​ slideshow also add a​ professional touch to​ the​ finished article.
One of​ the​ most important factors in​ creating exciting and impressive slideshows is​ the​ number of​ different ways in​ which individual static images can be moved around the​ screen to​ create the​ impression of​ animation on​ the​ screen .​
Not only a​ single image at​ time but even collages of​ several images! It is​ almost as​ if​ the​ photos are living! Make sure that you​ select a​ software package that enables you​ to​ take an​ image (or even just part of​ that image) and make it​ move through complex movement paths including rotation,​ zooms and camera pans .​
Fine tuning of​ these functions will produce an​ extremely professional-looking presentation.
A good slideshow is​ not just about the​ images but also the​ text to​ accompany the​ pictures .​
The very best slideshow packages will allow you​ to​ use a​ huge variety of​ effects on​ your text to​ make it​ fade in​ and out,​ fly across the​ screen around or​ even through your images,​ transitioning between the​ effects and adding many text features such as​ 3D .​
All the​ time you​ need to​ be able to​ control the​ timing of​ these effects for the​ most professional finish.
Once your slideshow is​ completed it​ is​ absolutely vital that it​ can be easily burned onto VCD or​ SVCD for playing on​ a​ PC or​ better still onto DVD so it​ can be watched on​ a​ television .​
If you​ can find a​ single package that does all of​ these things and is​ simple to​ learn and use through a​ series of​ tutorials then you​ will creating fantastic slideshow presentations in​ no time!

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