Advertising Agency Software What You Need To Know

Advertising Agency Software What You Need To Know

Advertising Agency Software: What you​ Need to​ Know
There are many different types of​ software that an​ advertising agency needs to​ conduct business efficiently .​
Here are some examples of​ tasks that can be supported by software that is​ currently available to​ agencies:
• Create estimates and quotes,​ invoices and schedules for client approval
• Prepare drafts of​ a​ new brochure,​ print ad,​ or​ annual report for review
• Manage client feedback on​ direct mail materials
• Track key project milestone dates
• Prepare and review media plans
• Prepare a​ storyboard presentation for a​ client
• Prepare market research
• Schedule project tasks
• Review rough cuts
• Create project timelines
• Manage external client and prospect requests
• Schedule media
• Time tracking
• Track expenses against estimates
• Plan and analyze resources usage
• Accounting and bookkeeping
To meet these needs,​ an​ advertising agency should consider the​ following:
Graphic Design Software – the​ agency will need a​ creative design Application Suite like Macromedia Design Suite or​
Adobe Creative Suite to​ do the​ basic graphic design,​ storyboarding and other more creative aspects of​ producing
advertising material.
Audio and Video Editing Software – If they do the​ mockups of​ their radio and television commercials in-house they will need to​ be able to​ edit them for client review before they turn everything over to​ the​ actual production company that produces the​ final versions.
Office Applications - Most companies use Microsoft Office for word processing,​ spreadsheet and presentation software since it​ has become the​ standard for businesses.
Contact Manager – the​ agency needs a​ good contact manager to​ keep track of​ all of​ their client information .​
Larger agencies may want to​ opt for a​ sophisticated customer relations management (CRM) system instead.
Email Client – An agency needs a​ good email client .​
Although there are a​ lot of​ good email clients available,​ Outlook is​ the​ business standard and has scheduling capabilities for meetings,​ distribution lists,​ public folders,​ the​ ability to​ flag all correspondence from specific individual clients and basic content management capabilities .​
Project management,​ Time & Expense Tracking Software – because they work on​ individual projects,​ an​ agency needs software that can track all of​ the​ costs associated with each project .​
The software should be able to​ track employee time with the​ ability to​ use split rates and multiple rates,​ raw materials,​ outsourced invoices,​ etc.
Accounting Software – They need standard accounting software that provides invoicing,​ accounts receivable,​ accounts payable and general ledger functions .​
Larger agencies may need the​ software to​ handle multiple currencies and tax codes .​
New Possibilities
With the​ advent of​ extranets,​ special software suites have been developed specifically for advertising agencies .​
They include programs that can provide contact management,​ time & expense tracking,​ project management,​ scheduling and email management .​
Some of​ the​ applications can even interface directly with the​ firm’s accounting software.
Another innovation is​ the​ client service extranet .​
They have replaced email as​ the​ favored forum for sharing and organizing the​ vast number of​ documents that are part of​ all client/agency relationships.
Using an​ extranet allows all employees,​ vendors,​ suppliers,​ clients and others on​ the​ project team to​ have real time access to​ all of​ the​ pertinent project details from anywhere in​ the​ world .​
Best of​ all,​ an​ extranet makes it​ possible to​ share the​ design documents,​ audio and video clips with the​ project online in​ real time .​
No more waiting for courier delivery or​ a​ face-to-face meeting providing better customer service than ever before possible.

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