Advertise To Millions 6 Multiple Marketing Techniques

Advertise to​ millions -#6- Multiple marketing techniques.
This is​ a​ series of​ articles about marketing and advertising .​
There are different ways you​ can reach an​ audience of​ millions of​ individuals all around the​ world .​
I​ show you​ on​ this series how to​ implement profitable strategies in​ your marketing career .​
It has been said that “what matters is​ not what you​ sell but how you​ promote it.” So,​ the​ secret to​ success lays within your marketing techniques .​
That’s why it​ is​ very important for business owners to​ develop skills which allow them to​ increase the​ sales of​ their products .​
One of​ the​ most important skills you​ must have is​ the​ ability to​ reach a​ lot of​ people quickly .​
To do this you​ need to​ realize how powerful media is​ an​ how it​ can drastically increase your revenues.
– Newspaper ads –
Americans read their newspapers a​ lot,​ that’s a​ fact .​
Check the​ statistics and you​ will realize that the​ newspaper have always being a​ good place to​ advertise .​
Depending on​ the​ kind of​ products or​ services that you​ sell you​ could use the​ American’s newspapers to​ generate new sources of​ income for your business .​
It doesn’t matter whether you​ live in​ the​ USA or​ not .​
For example if​ you​ own an​ international e-business this could bring you​ good profits .​
I​ think this is​ another way you​ can diversify your marketing strategies.
There is​ a​ website called Nationwide Newspapers,​ which allow you​ to​ post your ad in​ thousands and even millions of​ papers all around the​ country for a​ low fee .​
Imagine how much publicity you​ can get from that! you​ choose your budget and everything .​
They have different advertising packages to​ suit different business needs.
Whatever you​ choose to​ market,​ always use powerful phrases in​ your messages .​
The most effective ads are brief but they have the​ ability to​ act upon the​ feelings of​ the​ readers .​
Motivate them,​ intrigue them,​ make them feel the​ heat .​
Always remember that short phrases with a​ strong emotional impact are the​ most effective ones .​
– Highway billboards –
If you​ want to​ advertise outdoor some companies may help you​ with this project like for example .​
Keep in​ mind that this is​ an​ expensive type of​ advertisement .​
To rent an​ ad space on​ a​ well populated area will usually cost you​ a​ few thousand dollars per month .​
On the​ other hand,​ I​ think the​ best choice you​ have is​ to​ buy a​ piece of​ land in​ or​ near a​ mayor highway and set everything up by yourself .​
Learn about the​ laws and regulations in​ your specific state .​
Probably the​ most important agency you​ will have to​ contact is​ your state Department of​ Transportation .​
Visit to​ find your state agency .​
They can give you​ specific information about this subject .​
Basically you​ will have to​ fill out an​ application where you​ affirm that you​ own the​ land where the​ billboard will be placed and you​ will pay an​ annual fee which may range from $100 to​ $500 depending on​ the​ state you​ live .​
To have someone design and create the​ ad for you​ will cost you​ $1,​000 to​ $3,​000 .​
That’s a​ one time fee you​ will pay.
How much publicity can you​ get from this? a​ lot! But it​ all depends on​ your ad’s location .​
If your ad is​ next to​ a​ highway with a​ high traffic volume,​ let’s say that on​ average 45,​000 different drivers travels through said highway everyday,​ then there will be more than a​ million individuals watching it​ every month .​
That’s a​ lot,​ but to​ be honest with you,​ this kind of​ advertisement works better for local businesses like nearby restaurants or​ real estate Companies than for other kinds of​ businesses .​
Also transnational corporations with a​ large advertising budget,​ which would like to​ build reputation would want to​ have many billboard ads across the​ nation .​
Small business owners usually prefer to​ market their products using other less expensive techniques .​
Anyway,​ I​ included this information here because I​ thought some of​ you​ would like to​ read about it .​
After all this is​ another way you​ can reach a​ vast amount of​ individuals in​ an​ everyday basis.
– TV Commercials –
To advertise on​ television will have a​ powerful impact on​ your business revenues .​
Different factors will determine how much this marketing strategy will cost you​ .​
For example the​ price vary depending on​ the​ channels you​ choose,​ how often you​ will advertise,​ etc .​
There are some Companies which can help you​ reach your clients easily .​
I​ think the​ two most popular are and .​
In National TV Spots some marketing packages start as​ low as​ $26 for a​ 30 seconds spot .​
This is​ other way to​ diversify your marketing techniques .​
– Magazine Ads –
You can advertise on​ magazines and save up to​ 80% off the​ regular price .​
There is​ a​ company called Media Bids -,​ which allow you​ to​ meet other marketers as​ well as​ to​ choose among different marketing packages available .​
The service is​ free .​
You only pay for an​ ad if​ you​ choose to​ make a​ purchase.
As you​ can see,​ these techniques can increase your exposure and help you​ get more clients .​
You can read about other effective marketing techniques from my other articles on​ this series .​
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