Advanced Internet Marketing Techniques

Advanced Internet Marketing Techniques

There are some common mistakes that can destroy a​ thriving ecommerce business. Most of​ them are easy to​ avoid,​ but some of​ them sideswipe business owners in​ their simplicity,​ and can leave a​ thriving business at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ pile for months. Here are some advanced Internet Marketing techniques to​ help webmasters avoid sabotaging their business websites.

Landing Pages

A common mistake is​ not paying attention to​ landing pages. Many ecommerce businesses make landing pages and leave it​ at​ that. Unfortunately,​ much of​ the​ web is​ human driven,​ and people do not follow mathematical patterns. This means that a​ company’s perfectly designed landing page may be ignored while a​ seemingly random page brings a​ few hundred hits a​ day.

This is​ caused by several reasons. the​ most common is​ a​ balance between keyword phrases used by users,​ which are often different from what they ‘should be,​’ and the​ content on​ the​ page. it​ often has a​ lot to​ do with the​ number of​ random web users who linked to​ that page.

In many cases,​ a​ webmaster will notice a​ particular article that bloggers and forum posters love. They create hundreds of​ links to​ this page,​ increasing the​ Page Rank,​ and hits. Many webmasters never pay attention to​ these pages,​ failing to​ utilize these pages as​ landing pages. So,​ hundreds of​ thousands of​ visitors hit that page in​ a​ year - then leave.


Most Do-It-Yourself Internet Marketers work for years before they learn the​ value of​ searching their own pages. the​ best way to​ find unusual and new keyword phrases is​ to​ search your own site.

The important thing is​ to​ learn how well you​ rank against the​ competition and who exactly is​ your competition. This can be vital to​ the​ success of​ an​ Internet Marketing Campaign.

Step #1: Do all your competitors sell similar products or​ offer similar services? if​ not,​ it​ is​ possible that your ecommerce site is​ using the​ wrong content and keyword phrases. Targeting the​ wrong market will quickly deplete a​ company’s resources.

Step #2: Are the​ websites successful? Taking a​ look at​ the​ websites on​ the​ same page as​ your website will provide a​ good idea whether your idea is​ popular and profitable. if​ the​ ‘page’ you​ are on​ is​ not a​ good one,​ then it​ is​ time to​ change the​ website until your website is​ sharing a​ page with a​ better class of​ web pages.

Step #3: How many pages do you​ appear on? Every website should be able to​ gain ‘page one’ exposure on​ at​ least 50 search keyword phrases. the​ company may need to​ start with the​ more obscure keyword phrases,​ but appearing on​ page one of​ a​ keyword phrase that only receives 100 hits a​ month is​ better than appearing on​ page 300 of​ the​ #1 keyword phrase.

Step #4: Build Organic Listings as​ well as​ focus on​ your Pay Per Click campaign. Most webmasters find one favorite method of​ Internet Marketing and then stick with it,​ abandoning all others. Websites that use Pay Per Click campaigns should also focus on​ building Organic Listings. These ‘free’ listings will continue to​ serve the​ website,​ even if​ the​ PPC campaign becomes popular and ‘out of​ reach’ for small business use.

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