Addressing The Fears And Feelings Associated With Weight Loss

Addressing The Fears And Feelings Associated With Weight Loss

It seems a​ little strange that losing weight can entice feelings of​ fear. Fear doesn’t seem to​ have a​ place in​ such a​ constructive process. Usually weight loss is​ associated with both positive and negative feelings. the​ positive feelings are more obvious and understandable. You’re feeling better,​ have more energy,​ look better,​ fit in​ nicer clothes,​ etc. However,​ are you aware that negative feelings about your life changing process are also normal?

Weight gain happens for a​ reason and it’s not all about that familiar hand to​ mouth motion. It’s not just about food it’s about what is​ behind the​ overeating. Smaller weight gains can usually be attributed to​ just poor eating and exercise habits. However,​ large weight gain is​ almost always associated with something much deeper. Gaining weight is​ camouflage. it​ allows you to​ disappear in​ society,​ which in​ turn can make you feel safer. the​ key is​ to​ understand what you were hiding from? Was there a​ trauma in​ you life that needs to​ be addressed?

Conversely,​ as​ you begin to​ understand why you gained the​ weight,​ you also need to​ address your feelings as​ you succeed at​ your weight loss efforts. This is​ a​ journey that will require time and patience. You may stall and have to​ restart. You may lose motivation and need assistance to​ get back on​ track. You may not fall off the​ wagon; you may execute a​ premeditated jump off the​ wagon. These actions can all be associated with fear.

If this sounds all too familiar,​ take the​ time to​ address these volatile emotions before they take you down. the​ following pro-active steps can ease the​ fears and keep you on​ track.

· Find a​ Support System. This can be a​ personal trainer who understands your struggle and is​ willing to​ push to​ keep you on​ track. the​ trainer may use motivational techniques or​ tactics that help you face your fears head on​ and eliminate the​ need to​ self-sabotage your forward motion. Personal Trainers are NOT just for movie stars any more! They are available to​ the​ general public. Call your local gym for a​ referral.

If a​ personal trainer is​ not an​ option,​ team up with a​ friend who has succeeded with weight loss and is​ willing to​ help you stay on​ track by exercising with you daily. Share food journals. You will learn as​ much from your friend’s food journal and your friend will be necessary accountability to​ keep your eating habits in​ check.

· Daily Journal Writing. Emotions locked in​ your mind become bigger and bigger over time which then become nearly impossible to​ control. Everything starts with a​ thought! Once you learn to​ train and manage your thinking you will be able to​ change your life. Write out your feelings and fears. the​ mere act of​ writing helps you to​ understand why you feel what you feel and releases the​ negative energy.

· Follow Up With Affirmations. After releasing the​ negative emotions,​ follow up with affirmations. it​ is​ important to​ fill the​ space with a​ positive turn around. Give your brain something good to​ dwell on​ now.

· Take Quiet Time. Often our lives are so busy we​ don’t have time to​ breath,​ much less think. Give yourself 15 minutes a​ day to​ sit and let go of​ the​ mental stress. This takes more effort than you may think. During these 15 minutes consciously let go of​ any thoughts that are occupying your mind. Vacuum the​ mental clutter and empty your mind of​ all thought. Let your system rest for 15 minutes and you will find that you are more in​ control of​ more of​ your day.

Fear is​ a​ normal part of​ any major life change. Once you understand this you can begin to​ address this emotion and push past it. Keep that forward motion by challenging any feelings that cause you to​ sabotage your positive growth.

Addressing The Fears And Feelings Associated With Weight Loss

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