Activity Internet Marketing Report

Activity Internet Marketing Report

Activity Internet Marketing Report
The September 2018,​ Consumer Reports Canada States the​ odds are roughly 1 in​ 3 that your computer will be damaged or​ thrashed by Virus or​ Spy ware.
Try and get an​ issue .​
It has a​ lot of​ good solid information on​ how to​ protect your computer.

Sophos stated on​ unprotected,​ unpatched Windows PC on​ line for 12 minutes has a​ 50 percent chance of​ being infected by a​ virus .​
They also claim crime groups are behind a​ huge outbreak in​ computer virus crime.
- Can’t help attacking the​ screen when they
hear,​ You’ve Got Mail.
- Can’t stick their heads out of​ Windows XP.
- Carpal Paw Syndrome.
- Too difficult to​ Mark every web site they visit.
- Too hard to​ read the​ screen with head cocked to​ one
side .​
- Cause dogs aren’t GEEKS!
Do you​ have stuff you​ no longer have use for and want to​ get rid of? If you​ haven’t got time for garage sales,​ or​ ebay-you need to​ check out the​ Freecyle Network.
Founded in​ 2003,​ the​ network has more then 1.7 million members in​ 3,​100 Communities in​ over 50 countries .​
The only rules around what can be exchanged,​ or​ offered free is​ that it​ be legal,​ for any age group .​
There is​ a​ good chance of​ a​ listing from your city .​
For details click on:
Site Explorer allows you​ to​ explore the​ entire pages index by Yahoo Search.
You can view the​ most popular pages from any site,​ site map,​ and pages that link.
When Searching Yahoo News,​
You can also search through video,​ audio,​ syndicated news,​ blogs of​ Corporations or​ various individuals .​ has come up with some great features,​ including a​ Toolbox .​
Icons allow direct access to​ more than 20 search tools,​ including maps,​ images,​ weather,​ dictionary,​ local and desktop encyclopaedia is​ another feature providing content from Wikipedia,​ Houghton Mifflin and Columbia encyclopaedias right at​ the​ top of​ result page.
In addition to​ HTML files,​ Google search also supports 12 other formats such as​ PDF,​ Microsoft Office,​ PostScript,​ Corel WordPerfect,​ Lotus 1-2-3,​ and others .​
Additionally,​ Google also offers the​ user the​ ability to​ View as​ HTML,​ which allows users to​ view these files in​ case the​ corresponding software is​ not installed on​ the​ user’s PC .​
It also eliminates the​ hazards of​ opening a​ virus-infected document.
A new offering from Google - Advanced News Search,​ allows visitors to​ scour headlines by date,​ location,​ exact phrases or​ publication .​
People can use it​ retrieve articles from more than 4,​500 news outlets publishing on​ the​ Web.
This feature is​ particularly helpful if​ your search has non-English results .​
Google offers a​ facility to​ auto-martially translate a​ page for you​ in​ English .​
Currently,​ Google supports Italian,​ French,​ Spanish,​ German,​ and Portuguese languages.
Receive over 400 minutes of​ FREE online videos that show you​ step by step how to​ build an​ online business and an​ email list into the​ thousands .​
Visit the​ following website,​ sign up and get your report!
Have a​ picture of​ someone famous or​ any that is​ newsworthy picture? Just go to:
Upload your picture.. .​
they will help you​ sell it​ to​ media outlets worldwide,​ and when they do sell it​ they'll split the​ proceeds 50-50 with you.
Better Business Bureau:
Other auction sites available to​ you:
If you​ want your own website click here and learn more:
My good friend Keith Wellman gave me exclusive permission to​ give you​ this special link .​

It will allow you​ access to​ some extremely advanced viral marketing tools .​
Check it​ out .​
Register free and gain access to​ scam alerts,​ news.
See how AltaVista can translate your website into 8 languages.
Drop Ship
There are thousands of​ companies who claim to​ be Drop Shippers .​
There are dozens of​ lists and sites that claim to​ tell you​ where to​ find them .​
Don't be fooled by the​ junk drop ship lists that sell for $25 to​ $50+ and call themselves drop shippers .​
Most of​ these lists are worthless .​
They are resellers,​ charge you​ high retail prices,​ or​ you​ are required to​ pay a​ set up fee .​
The good true drop shipper will not ask you​ for a​ fee .​
They will allow you​ to​ copy pictures of​ the​ products they sell .​
Prices are about half you​ would pay for retail .​
you​ can then set your price .​
They will not include any of​ their material and ship under your label.
Free Information on​ how to​ drop ship,​ supply website free or​ use your
own .​
Copy any picture listing for your website or​ e mail.
Netdropsipper is​ a​ free drop shipper .​
However they also have a​ drop ship auction package they charge $99.99 for .​
With a​ click of​ a​ button you​ can then place any of​ their products on​ any auction site you​ wish.
If you​ have no website,​ they will build one for you​ and you​ can stock it​ with the​ products you​ want to​ carry .​
Price: $129.99
Lakeside carries hundreds of​ quality wholesale novelties .​
Just as​ good as​ a​ drop shipper as​ their minimum order is​ $35.00
Premiumconnection products span a​ wide range of​ interest and needs .​
They stock electronics such as​ radios,​ calculators,​ TVs and clocks; tool kits for BBQs,​ gardening and automotive needs;
outdoor merchandise such as​ tents,​ cooler bags,​ BBQ grills and picnic kits; and a​ high quality line of​ leather merchandise including
Review of​ different drop shippers:
Free Auto responders hosted on​ their servers

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