Accountants And Accounting Software

Accountants And Accounting Software
Accounting is​ the​ measuring,​ and disclosure or​ provision of​ assurance about information that helps managers and other decision makers make resource allocation decisions .​
How to​ become an​ Accountant.
Accountants in​ the​ US are called Certified Public Accountants and in​ the​ UK and Canada are called Chartered Accountants .​
Chartered Accountants in​ Canada are expected to​ know all US CPA knowledge as​ well as​ a​ Canadian Accounting body of​ knowledge .​
In order to​ become an​ Accountant an​ undergraduate degree is​ required and then a​ period of​ articling is​ required which can take as​ long as​ 5 years with gruelling exams and an​ exhausting series of​ finals.
In her notes compiled in​ 1979,​ Professor Linda Plunkett of​ the​ College of​ Charleston S.C.,​ calls accounting the​ oldest profession; in​ fact,​ since prehistoric times families had to​ account for food and clothing to​ face the​ cold seasons.
Later,​ as​ man began to​ trade,​ they established the​ concept of​ value and developed a​ monetary system .​
Evidence of​ accounting records can be found in​ the​ Babylonian Empire (4500 B.C.),​ in​ pharaohs' Egypt and in​ the​ Code of​ Hammurabi (2250 B.C.) .​
Eventually,​ with the​ advent of​ taxation,​ record keeping became a​ necessity for governments to​ sustain social orders .​
Perhaps the​ most significant benefits to​ contemporary accounting has been the​ introduction of​ computer programs to​ assist in​ the​ accounting function.
Computer programs were introduced in​ business and government organizations in​ the​ 1950s,​ and the​ most important applications of​ computers have been in​ the​ areas of​ record keeping,​ balancing ,​ and transaction recording.
Accounting uses various bases of​ measurement,​ mainly the​ cash basis,​ the​ accrual basis (or historical cost) and variations of​ these; all of​ these functions are greatly assisted by the​ use of​ various accounting software programs.
Accounting is​ tied to​ the​ invention and dissemination of​ the​ double entry bookkeeping process.
Different Accounting Software Solutions available today:
ACCPAC web-based accounting,​ launched the​ ACCPAC Online web site in​ 1999 which allows end users to​ run ACCPAC from a​ simple browser for a​ small monthly rental fee.
Intuit's QuickBooks for the​ Web represents a​ new product from scratch .​
Microsoft Small Business Manager is​ a​ new player on​ the​ block which is​ a​ scaled down version of​ Great Plains Accounting Software.
Netledger centralized net computing renamed Oracle Small Business Manager Peachtree .​
This product was the​ older Peachtree Office Accounting product and is​ also a​ web-based solution .​
In 2000,​ Peachtree added a​ web-based module to​ its' flagship Peachtree Complete Accounting product called Peachtree Web Accounting.
SAP mySAP - web-based accounting featuring a​ limited number of​ SAP modules.
So it​ appears that there are 2 different types of​ Accounting Software:
Web Based Accounting: which is​ one application on​ a​ Web Server running everybody's application.
There are of​ course advantages and disadvantages to​ this type of​ application,​ immediately coming to​ mind is​ confidentiality and the​ security of​ the​ Servers being used as​ well as​ possible breakdowns.
Advantages are of​ course in​ being able to​ use unlimited Server Resources.
And then there is​ PC Based accounting which everybody has tried and is​ Bill Gates favorite.
In-house control of​ everything but subject to​ limited resources.
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