About Marketing Credits From Web Hosting Sign Up

About marketing credits from web hosting sign up
It's today trend that hosting provider is​ offering these marketing credits for new customer that joined their hosting plan .​
After you​ sign up,​ and the​ marketing credit coupon code will be made available from your hosting control panel .​
Next,​ you​ will need to​ setup a​ new account with those marketing network and apply the​ code to​ redeem the​ free credits.
Normally,​ people that already have the​ account with those marketing network,​ will just ignore the​ new coupon code they receive .​
But some smart folks,​ will get a​ new account setup with google adwords and apply the​ coupon and get the​ free marketing money .​
We not talking small money here .​
Some hosting offering adwords credits up to​ $50 or​ even $75 dollars .​
And this money can be used to​ exchange you​ hundreds of​ website visitors and converted into sales .​
It’s the​ model for your website promotion.
Second options is​ to​ sell off those coupon code that you​ have .​
And yes,​ its very common thing we seen in​ ebay where people auction off their coupon code .​
Alternative market place will be web hosting forums or​ webmaster forums .​
Why wasting the​ ‘money’,​ lets convert it​ into cash.
Currently the​ web hosting provider that offering the​ best marketing credits are ixwebhosting with up to​ $175 marketing credits,​ and midphase with $150 marketing credits .​
When you​ getting those coupon code,​ make sure you​ make some good cash with it.

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