A Winning Cause Kirstie Alley Shares Her Mantra For Weight Loss Success

In her role as​ Jenny Craig's star client,​ Kirstie Alley inspires and encourages men and women across the​ country to​ increase their health,​ energy and self-confidence by decreasing their weight.

"As soon as​ I saw Kirstie's first television commercial,​ I felt like she was speaking right to​ me,​" said Annette Blake of​ Kingston,​ N.Y.,​ who joined Jenny Craig in​ January and has since lost 56 pounds*. "I decided to​ be her 'I'm fat,​ too' sidekick and lose weight right along with her. And so far,​ I am!"

Like Annette,​ Kirstie is​ more than 60 pounds* slimmer and has less than 20 pounds to​ go to​ reach her desired weight. the​ award-winning actress and mother of​ two attributes her success not only to​ the​ program and her consultants,​ but also to​ the​ following acronym that helped "steer her ship" along her weight loss journey.

"I think the​ biggest accomplishment anyone can achieve is​ to​ be the​ cause of​ something,​ rather than the​ effect,​" said Alley at​ a​ recent gathering of​ fans and friends in​ New York City. "A cause makes something happen-ideally,​ a​ positive outcome,​ such as​ losing weight,​ finding someone amazing or​ getting a​ new job. it​ puts you in​ a​ position of​ control and confidence,​ rather than reaction and reluctance."

• Change-I first had to​ alter a​ few perceptions: one,​ that being fat is​ just something that comes with age,​ and two,​ that losing weight involves suffering,​ deprivation and working out for 30 to​ 40 hours a​ week. Once I changed my mindset,​ I was ready to​ take a​ leap of​ faith.

• Attitude-For a​ while,​ I had this less-than-fantastic attitude that it​ was okay to​ be 70 pounds overweight because the​ man of​ my dreams would love me for me and wouldn't care if​ I was fat. Although this could be true…I finally realized that this was not about someone else's view of​ me-but my view of​ myself-and that only I could make me happy.

• Understanding-We all have unique talents and attributes. Most of​ them are good; those that are not,​ we​ have the​ ability to​ change. Realizing that the​ positives outweigh the​ negatives helped me appreciate what is​ unique about me and also helped me identify areas for personal enhancement.

• Signified Spirituality-This has meant the​ strengthening of​ my faith and an​ increased connection to​ the​ people who mean the​ most to​ me. I can apply my religious beliefs to​ enhance myself and my body,​ help my children and friends,​ and improve my artistic endeavors.

• Enthusiasm-I now have an​ abundant amount of​ endless energy and boundless enthusiasm. I jump on​ the​ trampoline with my children,​ I run and play with them,​ and my happiness and zest for living permeate their lives as​ well.

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