A Weight Loss Plan Which Is Fun To Implement

A Weight Loss Plan Which Is Fun To Implement

Now I am not sure about you,​ but I find it​ so hard to​ diet and to​ lose weight. the​ weight loss programs and diets that I have tried are just so boring. They are also very hard to​ implement as​ they are asking me to​ give up foods which I know that I will not be able to. What we​ need is​ a​ weight loss program which is​ actually fun to​ implement.

My name is​ Steve Hill. My own weight problems began when my parents decided to​ turn vegetarian. I was eleven years of​ age at​ the​ time and basically decided to​ give it​ a​ go as​ well. My mum cooked the​ meals you see.

This was twenty-one years ago,​ at​ this point there were not many different options of​ food for people who were vegetarians. I was not at​ all impressed with the​ food I was given and missed eating meat in​ a​ big way. I would normally be hungry after meals and would then start to​ eat snack type foods. I only gradually put on​ more weight and people did not really comment for a​ couple of​ years.

As soon as​ people did notice,​ it​ was like a​ vicious circle. They would taunt me at​ school,​ I would come home all depressed and would then comfort eat,​ to​ make myself feel better.

A few years ago I went about looking for ways to​ help me to​ lose weight. I tried many diets but without success. I have to​ say it​ was not that anything was wrong with the​ actual diet,​ it​ was that,​ that particular diet did not suit me.

I am the​ type of​ person who needs to​ enjoy something to​ keep my interest in​ it. This is​ why I found school a​ struggle. Well that is​ my excuse anyway.

The Fun Way to​ Lose Weight

On a​ Saturday night a​ few years ago,​ I went out for a​ few beers with a​ good friend of​ mine (Dave). we​ were having a​ good chat during which I told him about my mission to​ lose weight. I explained about how as​ yet,​ I had not found a​ suitable weight loss program.

Dave suggested that I should take up a​ sport,​ something competitive which I could get my teeth into. I thought about what he had said and agreed that this could be the​ way to​ go.

I asked him if​ he would like a​ game of​ tennis three or​ four times a​ week. Dave stated that this might be a​ bit much as​ he played six a​ side football twice a​ week.

He did not want to​ let me down however,​ and then asked if​ I would like to​ join his six a​ side team. I will give it​ a​ go,​ I replied.

I came home rather drunk,​ but also rather pleased with myself. I now had a​ weight loss plan which I was sure would work. There will be no quick fix,​ however this amount of​ exercise,​ over a​ sustained period of​ time,​ must have a​ positive affect on​ my weight,​ my fitness and my health.

With this program,​ I am also able to​ basically eat what I want,​ when I want.

It did take quite a​ while as​ I had predicted,​ to​ reach a​ weight I was happy with. This was not a​ problem however,​ as​ I was having fun on​ the​ way.

I continue to​ play not only tennis and football,​ but many sports. This is​ no longer to​ lose weight but because I enjoy it.

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