A Smart Internet Marketing Strategy Targeting Niche Markets

A Smart Internet Marketing Strategy Targeting Niche Markets

The World Wide Web has captivated my attention ever since I was introduced to​ it​ by my mother (another WWW freak!). That was about 10 years ago and ever since that time,​ my interest about all the​ different things that can be done through the​ internet has continued to​ grow.

For the​ last couple of​ years,​ I have been grappling with the​ idea of​ making money online. Although I searched and found a​ lot of​ information,​ but most of​ it​ was vague and did not give me any concrete answer to​ the​ most important question: what to​ actually DO to​ make some money on​ the​ internet.

During my quest of​ getting answers,​ I came across a​ very informative video on​ the​ internet which gave me a​ lot of​ information about internet marketing and gave me some pretty good food for thought. the​ video talked about “Niche Markets”; what they are and why they are important to​ any person who would like to​ make money on​ the​ internet by selling a​ product or​ service. in​ fact,​ the​ concept of​ Niche Markets is​ applicable to​ any business or​ service provider,​ whether they operate on​ the​ internet or​ otherwise.

If you​ look it​ up in​ the​ dictionary,​ the​ word “Niche” means “A situation or​ activity specially suited to​ a​ person's interests,​ abilities,​ or​ nature”.

A “Niche Market” is​ a​ group of​ people with a​ common interest or​ ability or​ nature,​ who would all be interested in​ a​ common product or​ service. the​ common interest of​ these people can be any thing ranging from a​ common hobby,​ a​ common problem,​ a​ common cultural background,​ to​ any common desire they might have. Let me explain this to​ you​ with a​ few examples:

1) a​ niche market of​ people who have a​ hobby of​ scrapbooking

2) a​ niche market of​ people who have common problem of​ lower backache

3) a​ niche market of​ people who are all Hispanics

4) a​ niche market of​ people who have a​ common desire of​ learning plumbing

People with common interests tend to​ cluster and you​ can easily find pockets of​ such people online; in​ forums and groups or​ visiting websites of​ their interest.

It is​ best to​ direct your marketing to​ select niche audiences for maximum benefit to​ you​ and to​ them. it​ is​ always a​ waste of​ time,​ effort and resources to​ market your product or​ service to​ a​ niche audience which is​ not interested in​ what you​ are selling. For example,​ if​ you​ try to​ sell scrapbooking materials to​ a​ niche audience who wants to​ learn plumbing,​ you​ will not get any customers. Granted that you​ will find a​ rare plumber who also likes to​ maintain his scrapbook,​ but you​ will not make a​ profit! Similarly,​ marketing a​ new and effective acne product to​ a​ group of​ people with lower backache will only lead you​ to​ lose the​ money you​ spent on​ marketing your innovative acne solution to​ them.

Niche Marketing is​ very cost effective and powerful; the​ world's most successful businesses use this concept to​ maximize their profits. Therefore,​ if​ you​ have a​ certain product or​ service that you​ want to​ sell,​ concentrate your marketing efforts to​ the​ Niche Market that it​ caters too. Conversely,​ if​ you​ do not have a​ specific product in​ mind that you​ want to​ sell online,​ it​ is​ advisable that you​ seek out large Niche Markets and then think about what they would be interested in​ buying and then provide them with that particular solution/product/service.

I wish you​ great achievements and prosperity in​ all your endeavors.


A Smart Internet Marketing Strategy Targeting Niche Markets

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