A New Way To Lose Weight Revealed By Ladies Of The East

A New Way To Lose Weight Revealed By Ladies of​ the​ East!
To try to​ lessen the​ bad feelings of​ being called fat or​ overweight,​ we​ tend to​ use lesser dreaded and​ offensive words such as​ larger size and​ big instead of​ plain overweight and​ fat. ​
But it​ took just one comment from a​ buddy friend,​ a​ nurse in​ the​ local hospital,​ to​ bring home a​ deep truth. ​
She said,​ In my entire life working in​ this hospital,​ I ​ have yet to​ see a​ fat oriental chinese lady,​ referring to​ the​ patients she has seen seeking treatment in​ the​ government hospital.
Of course,​ it​ is​ not true that there are no fat oriental chinese ladies in​ the​ world,​ because fat and​ overweight are universal issues affecting all races and​ cultures,​ irrespective of​ skin and​ color. ​
But is​ there a​ health secret coming from the​ Orient that makes the​ chinese lady generally slimer and​ slender?
Indeed,​ recent discoveries in​ Japan showed that a​ type of​ chinese tea called the​ Okumas Wu Long tea together with a​ healthy diet and​ exercise revealed that people who regularly consumed this tea experienced over TWICE the​ calorieburning results of​ those who drank the​ same amount of​ authentic Japanese green tea. ​
Drinking this Wu Long tea 15 minutes before eating carbohydrates also helped blunt the​ rise in​ insulin that normally comes after eating food that contained a​ lot of​ carbohydrates. ​
as​ carbohydrates causes weight gain by increasing insulin levels,​ drinking this tea helps to​ control weight gain.
Like other teas as​ well,​ Japans Shiga University of​ Medical Science found that drinking WuLong tea also daily dramatically clears up skin eczema within just one month,​ and​ helps in​ reducing free radicals,​ and​ lower the​ risk of​ infections such as​ the​ common cold.
Indeed,​ in​ the​ ancient chinese pharmaceutical book Bencao Shiyi the​ Compendium of​ Materia Medica,​ it​ is​ said that tea will make one live long and​ stay in​ good shape. ​
Tea,​ particularly the​ oriental WuLong tea that comes from Chinas Fujian Province has been used by countless generations of​ ladies to​ help melt away body fat,​ boost energy and​ even clarify the​ skin,​ and​ these newer scientific discoveries in​ Japan seem to​ indicate that it​ is​ possible to​ drink away pounds of​ unwanted body fat and​ loose inches from the​ waistline.
Teas are just a​ form of​ natural supplements to​ help in​ weight management and​ fat loss. ​
Taking a​ supplement to​ assist in​ weight loss is​ just one prong in​ battling weight and​ fat,​ but it​ is​ necessary to​ have a​ healthy diet and​ to​ maintain a​ program of​ exercise at ​ the​ same time if ​ we​ are to​ continue to​ keep the​ extra weight and​ fat off our bodies. ​
Therefore,​ selection of​ a​ good supplement,​ having a​ balanced diet and​ having a​ fitness program will go a​ long way to​ get your weight down.

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