A List Of Contact Lens Benefits

WHY CONTACTS? The word is​ nearly as​ old as​ the mountains and​ a​ number of​ people still turn around and​ fire the 'why' thing at​ you. All you​ do is​ shrug your​ eyes spread wide in​ wonder if​ there could be such a​ question​ regarding something that has been around for​ what seems like eternity now. But then, a​ question​ is​ a​ question​ howsoever obvious the answer might be.

First and​ the foremost, one gets rid of​ the irritating apparatus on​ one's face, which immediately undoes the aesthetic loss caused by its presence. in​ short, you​ look smarter than ever. That was one reason​ that comes first to​ anyone who thinks about the pros of​ the contacts, but it​ is​ not the only one by any means.

When was the last time you​ wished you​ had wipers on​ your​ glasses so that you​ didn't have to​ take them off ever now and​ then to​ remove the misty presence of​ water or​ snow. That's another one of​ the advantages.

The glasses distort the appearance of​ objects. this​ distortion​ is​ done away with in​ case of​ contacts. One sees the real things the real way. Besides, the peripheral vision​ is, to​ a​ large extent, compromised with glasses, which is​ not the case with the lenses.

for​ sportsmen who play outdoor games like football, lenses are indispensable because with
glasses chances are that one fine day while you​ are chasing the ball, it​ will suddenly disappear and​ by the time you​ get your​ glasses back, the opponents will be celebrating. in​ short, get the lenses before you​ are out of​ the team.

Those were the pros, but it​ would be unfair to​ the 'why-guy' if​ we hid the downside. The most prominent disadvantage is​ that they need careful handling and​ frequent replacements, which makes them delicate things that are heavy on​ the pocket.

Another problem is​ that since contacts are worn inside the eyes, the chances of​ infection​ are quite high.
and​ for​ the carefree professionals there is​ an​ extra note of​ caution. Dear fellow, unlike the glasses, you​ cannot just come home and​ toss them off. you​ need to​ clean them, disinfect them and​ then place them back in​ the lens case.

Thus, time, diligence, patience and​ money are the four things a​ contact lens demands of​ its wearer. if​ you​ have them, it's a​ great companion, and​ if​ not, better get used to​ the glasses.

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