8 Mistakes I Made While Trying To Lose Weight

8 Mistakes I Made While Trying To Lose Weight

I went on​ my first diet around five years ago. Over the​ past four and a​ half years my weight went up and down as​ I tried every diet and exercise program under the​ sun. Nothing seemed to​ work for me. Until six months ago I enrolled in​ a​ weight workshop which taught me that I need to​ change the​ way I look at​ food. it​ was then that I realized that I had made many mistakes in​ my quest to​ lose weight.

In this article I’m going to​ share with you eight mistakes I made on​ my quest to​ lose weight. I hope by sharing my experiences with others throughout the​ world via the​ internet I might be able to​ help people avoid the​ mistakes I made. So,​ here are the​ eight mistakes I made while trying to​ lose weight.

1. I started to​ skip breakfast
Most people trying to​ lose weight believe simply eating less and skipping meals helps shed that fat. And breakfast is​ a​ real easy meal to​ skip. This is​ one of​ the​ biggest mistakes you can make when on​ a​ weight loss diet. if​ you leave the​ house in​ the​ morning on​ an​ empty stomach you’re much more tempted to​ eat more at​ morning tea and lunch times. And,​ calories you eat at​ breakfast time are easily burnt throughout the​ day.

2. I would eat one day and not the​ next
I would literally eat about 2000+ calories one day,​ feel guilty,​ and end up eating about 700 calories the​ following day. if​ you “starve” yourself throughout the​ day you’re much more likely to​ eat more in​ the​ evenings,​ which is​ not going to​ help you lose weight. You should consume most of​ your calories in​ the​ morning.

3. I bought diet food
When I went shopping I always looked for the​ foods marked diet,​ low-fat,​ healthy etc. This is​ a​ good practice to​ get into,​ but I was buying these foods for the​ wrong reason. I bought these foods because in​ my mind it​ meant I could more. I would totally disregard portion size. if​ you eat diet foods in​ large portions you’re not doing yourself any favors.

4. I thought I’d always be fat
This is​ mindset that you must break if​ you want to​ lose some serious weight. Sometimes it​ feels like you’re doing the​ right things and not making any progress,​ this is​ totally natural. You need to​ focus on​ being happy and healthy and achieving your goals. Try not to​ get caught up in​ “the big picture”.

5. I started eating salads as​ main meals
Eating salad is​ a​ good way of​ keeping your calorie intake down right? Yes,​ meal of​ salad has much less calories that a​ pizza but does it​ have the​ satisfaction? When you eat you mind needs to​ get some satisfaction from what you have just eaten. I found that when I ate salads for meals a​ few hours later I was back I the​ cupboard looking for more food. I learnt that I was better off eating a​ balanced meal with slightly more calories than simply eating a​ salad and snacking afterwards.

6. I started my new diets on​ Mondays
When I found a​ new diet that I decided I was going to​ try I always started it​ on​ a​ Monday. This meant I would eat all weekend like I was never going to​ eat again. Doing this I was just setting myself up for failure.

7. I was to​ embarrassed to​ go to​ the​ gym
Taking the​ plunge and joining a​ gym was one of​ the​ hardest things I ever did. I was always worried that people in​ the​ gym would be staring at​ me and talking about me. I really thought I was too fat to​ join. My advice is​ to​ join a​ gym! You’ll be glad you did. I look forward to​ going to​ the​ gym now.

8. I set my goals to​ high
Setting long term goals is​ great,​ but these goals always seem to​ far off. You need to​ set smaller,​ more reachable goals that you can regularly meet to​ keep your motivation high. Set yourself weekly,​ monthly and three monthly goals. Once you meet one short term goal set a​ new one for next week.

So there you have it,​ those are the​ mistakes I made. I now look at​ weight loss from a​ totally different perspective and it​ has paid off. I now help others with weight loss and keeping healthy.

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