8 Advantages Of Using An Email Marketing Software

8 Advantages Of Using An Email Marketing Software 1

If you​ decided to​ use email marketing to​ promote your business,​ then let me congratulate you​ on​ this very wise decision.

You might have read over the​ internet the​ buzz created by this type of​ marketing,​ and I’m sure you​ have already learned that “The money is​ in​ your list” – this is​ 100% true.

Even though email marketing is​ a​ very powerful way to​ transform leads into hungry buyers many people are discouraged to​ use this technique because of​ the​ time they need to​ invest in​ it. a​ recent study has showed that about 75 % of​ people who use email marketing need between 15 and 50 hours per week to​ handle it.

If you’re like me,​ then you’re a​ very busy person who can’t afford to​ spend that much time just on​ email marketing. So this is​ why I decided to​ make a​ list of​ the​ great advantages brought by Mailloop 7.0. ,​ the​ best email marketing software on​ the​ net.

1. you​ get an​ opt-in form template which comes with full instructions so you​ can easily add it​ to​ your site.

2. it​ automatically stores every email saving you​ precious time and headaches.

3. it​ e-mails new subscribers a​ welcome message just moments after opting in. No more preparing and sending e-mails to​ hundreds,​ even thousands of​ subscribers manually.

4. Mailloop gives you​ attractive looking templates to​ use for your newsletter so that it​ looks friendlier to​ your subscribers.

5. it​ keeps your e-mail safe from spam complaints,​ blacklists or​ filters so that it​ doesn’t get trashed.

6. you​ can schedule your promotions so that you​ can go on​ your vacation without worrying about interrupting campaigns.

7. you​ can use as​ many autoresponders as​ you​ need,​ create as​ many campaigns,​ write as​ many emails as​ you​ wish … the​ sky’s the​ limit.

8. Manage all of​ this from a​ complete user-friendly control panel.

8 Advantages Of Using An Email Marketing Software

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