7 Key Principles Of Relationship Marketing To Attract Customers And Get Them To Stay On Your Life

7 Key Principles of​ Relationship Marketing to​ Attract Customers and Get Them to​ Stay on​ Your Life!
Most of​ business owners fail to​ effectively attract and retain lifetime customers .​
What they fail to​ realize is​ the​ key principles of​ relationship marketing,​ that converts potential customers into repeat clients.
To succeed in​ your business,​ your main goal should be to​ build a​ responsive email list of​ lifetime customers from your targeted market who trust you,​ feel grateful to​ you​ and value your recommendation.
A good relationship with loyal customers is​ worth a​ fortune .​
That's the​ most valuable thing any business can have .​
The key here is​ to​ build your large list of​ lifetime customers who trust you​ .​
Achieve this and you're set for life.
For that reason you​ need to​ learn the​ key principles of​ relationship marketing to​ be able to​ apply relationship marketing concepts to​ your web site.
What’s Relationship Marketing?
Relationship marketing is​ the​ method of​ gradually turning website visitors into subscribers and leads them from position to​ position along a​ planned program to​ convert them into life time customers.
Think of​ relationship building as​ the​ foundation to​ your business .​
It establishes you​ as​ a​ professional,​ trust worthy and a​ consistent source.
7 Key Principles of​ Relationship Marketing.
Building relationship online is​ more difficult when compared to​ offline relationship building .​
The techniques used are almost the​ same .​
But,​ turning a​ potential customer into lifetime customer offline is​ easier due to​ the​ nature of​ the​ process .​
In online marketing you​ can’t meet your clients in​ person like in​ offline marketing .​
But,​ you​ can deliver what you​ want if​ you​ think of​ your potential clients in​ each step you​ make when building your business .​
Relationship marketing is​ a​ process,​ not just a​ one-time commitment .​
It starts the​ moment you​ think about building a​ business and continue as​ long as​ you​ stay in.
1 - Know your potential customers.
Before you​ start building your business; you​ need to​ determine your targeted market and know your potential customers .​
Learn how to​ know your customers to​ develop effective tactics for delivering your message to​ them.
You can start getting to​ know your customers by taking some very simple steps.
- Determine in​ advance where your potential customers congregate .​
- What newsletter they read?
- What forums they visit and post to?
- What else might do while surfing the​ net?
The best places where you​ find your prospects are forums,​ discussion groups and discussion boards .​
Visit forums of​ your targeted market and figure out:
- What’s your potential customers’ problem?
- What they are looking for?
- What kind of​ business they are involved in?
- How they want their problem to​ be solved?
- What words they use?
Only by knowing your customers' wants and needs you​ can successfully grow your business and be totally customer-oriented .​
In order to​ tailor your marketing and advertising strategies to​ appeal to​ the​ tastes and interests of​ your market,​ you​ must first identify your customer.
Relationship is​ not only based on​ knowing who your visitors are,​ but on​ knowing your customers’ and prospects’ specific needs.
Note: to​ attract more subscribers and build a​ strong relationship marketing the​ easy way use your prospects words .​
If you​ feel their pain and use their words when posting to​ forums,​ sending message,​ etc… they’ll be related to​ you​ .​
You will be one of​ them; you​ are not a​ stranger then they will be likely to​ trust you​ and consider your recommendation.
2 - Show your expertise.
The majority of​ business people,​ never completely and clearly display their knowledge to​ potential customers .​
Show to​ your targeted market you​ are the​ leader in​ your industry and they will follow you.
People like to​ learn about your experience .​
They like to​ follow the​ expert's steps to​ avoid mistakes and reach success the​ easy way with less investment in​ time and money.
3 - Start a​ dialog to​ establish trust.
Set up a​ continuing dialog to​ establish trust .​
Trust is​ a​ vital step to​ building long-time relationship .​
This dialog should starts as​ soon as​ your visitors submit information along with their email addresses .​
This explains their interest in​ your business .​
In return,​ you​ give them what promised when they subscribed and keep contacts at​ periodic intervals by sending quality information to​ your subscribers.
Your goal is​ to​ create long term relationships marketing with your subscribers .​
To do that you​ must invest time to​ gather available sources and high quality information and put it​ at​ your prospects’ disposal to​ help them succeed .​
Remember,​ maintaining customer enthusiasm and creating customer loyalty is​ your key to​ success.
4 - Follow up
Dialog leads to​ follow-up .​
Hook your subscribers with your follow up messages series .​
Set up a​ series of​ follow up messages to​ send quality information to​ every new subscriber .​
Professionalism is​ the​ key to​ successful relationship.
The main purpose of​ follow up is​ to​ remain visible to​ your subscribers so,​ when the​ need arise and your prospect wants to​ make a​ purchase,​ your product will be the​ first one the​ subscriber thinks of.
If you​ want to​ make good money your mission will not cease at​ selling your product .​
Going after one sale is​ worthless .​
Following up with your customer after the​ sale is​ made is​ a​ great tactic .​
This important step will help you​ strength your relationship,​ decrease the​ refund proclamations and keep your customer baying from you​ again and a​ gain.
Keep following up; don’t stop and be creative .​
Don’t send your customers only sales messages .​
From time to​ time send free useful product they don’t find elsewhere that can help them make money and/or save time .​
Send special offers with discount for loyal customers only .​
Keep them up to​ date and to​ the​ point with latest news,​ etc…
5 - Offer good customer service.
Some people will start an​ online business and only focus on​ what services or​ products they can sell to​ make good money .​
They are not worried about establishing good relationship with their customers and potential clients.
- Answer your prospects’ requests as​ soon as​ you​ receive them .​
- Replay to​ every email within 24 hours with the​ needed response whether it​ is​ a​ question,​ concern or​ simply someone looking for more information .​
- Treat your customers right .​
Even if​ you​ offer the​ best products or​ services,​ most customers will evaluate your business by how they were treated while doing business with you​ .​
For that reason,​ it's important to​ take care of​ your customers and give them the​ best product or​ service they want.
By providing great customer service to​ the​ people you​ do business with,​ you​ will get customers coming back to​ you​ again and again to​ buy your products or​ services.
Note: If you​ want to​ stay in​ your customers’ minds serve them better .​
You can do this by collecting information from your customers’ feedback .​
Having a​ contacts page on​ your website with a​ comments or​ feedback form will keep you​ informed about your customers’ wants and problems .​
If you​ publish a​ newsletter,​ you​ can also accomplish this by asking for feedback from your subscribers.
This is​ a​ great way of​ making your audience know you​ care about what they have to​ say and how important they are to​ you​ .​
When you​ show interest in​ your customers you​ will build credibility and loyalty.
6 - Educate your subscribers.
Put at​ your customers disposal manuals,​ frequently asked question (FAQ) web page,​ articles,​ etc… to​ help them learn how to​ use your product or​ service perfectly .​
Educate your subscribers to​ help them build interest and loyalty for your business.
Lifetime clients want you​ to​ be their trusted advisor .​
The more you​ educate your customers by offering them a​ variety of​ options,​ the​ greater your chance to​ earn their lifetime business .​
Education strengthens relationship marketing with clients.
7 - Sell or​ recommend only quality products.
Sell quality products that have value,​ plus offer a​ guarantee and stand behind it .​
One of​ the​ quickest ways to​ destroy a​ business relationship is​ selling poor quality products and not standing behind what you​ promise.
If you​ want to​ promote other marketers’ affiliate programs from your website,​ take the​ time to​ investigate the​ companies you​ advocate .​
Promote only products from legitimate companies with solid Internet presence .​
Remember the​ companies you​ suggest will have an​ impact on​ your business reputation.
Relationship marketing is​ the​ corner stone of​ every business .​
If you​ follow these key principles of​ relationship marketing,​ you'll be on​ your way to​ building a​ responsive opt in​ email list which will lead to​ more and better sales.
7 Key Principles Of Relationship Marketing To Attract Customers And Get Them To Stay On Your Life 7 Key Principles Of Relationship Marketing To Attract Customers And Get
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