7 Benefits Of Mobile Document Shredding Services

7 Benefits of​ Mobile Document Shredding Services
Mobile document shredding service companies come to​ the physical location​ of​ your​ business and​ take care document disposal for​ you​ .​
These services typically use a​ medium size truck with the shedding device built into the back of​ the vehicle .​
this​ is​ so the shredder can go to​ the company location​ and​ shred all the documents on​ site before taking the particles to​ the dumping area for​ final disposal.
What are the benefits of​ mobile shredding service?

* Containers: Many shredding companies furnish nice looking steel locking containers for​ use in​ your​ office .​
These containers can be emptied on​ schedule, or​ whenever they get full .​
Many mobile shredding companies offer flexible scheduling.

* Certification: you​ may get a​ Certificate of​ Destruction​ .​
While this​ certificate doesn’t totally absolve the business of​ responsibility for​ the document security, it​ does help.

* Ease of​ Use: Why risk transporting tons of​ documents off-site when you​ can witness the document destruction​ in​ the back of​ the truck right outside your​ office!

* Unrecoverable: The professional process used by mobile shredding companies makes it​ impossible to​ reconstruct documents.

* Affordable: It can cost only pennies per pound to​ shred business documents.

* Verified Firsthand: Company personnel can witness the shredding is​ done on-site .​
you​ don’t have to​ entrust the drivers and​ a​ chain​ of​ people to​ destroy your​ documents…you​ can witness it​ firsthand​ without leaving your​ office parking lot!

* Less time consuming: Shredding these documents by hand​ would waste valuable employee-hours .​
With a​ mobile shredding service, huge piles of​ documents can be shredded in​ a​ fraction​ of​ the time.

Mobile shredding is​ probably the easiest, most secure, and​ most rest freeway of​ disposing of​ documents .​
Some of​ the service options frequently offered by mobile document shredding companies:
Ongoing scheduled service
One time bulk shredding.

Onsite shredding, Offsite plant based shredding, One time purges
Electronic destruction​ / Recycling
Daily, weekly, monthly, and​ semimonthly (or, biweekly) schedule
for​ a​ company, it​ can be a​ good investment to​ hire a​ mobile shredder to​ come to​ the site regularly and​ dispose of​ sensitive documents .​
After all it​ can cost a​ lot of​ money to​ warehouse this​ type of​ data.​ Instead of​ documents sitting around collecting dust, a​ mobile shredder can make mincemeat of​ them with minimum hassle and​ clear the clutter.

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