54 Ways To Lose Weight

54 Ways To Lose Weight
54 Tips for Losing Weight
Try to​ add as​ many of​ these tips to​ your daily routine,​ and​ you will surely be well on​ the​ way to​ a​ slimmer,​ healthier you. ​
We don’t get fat overnight so you should expect it​ to​ take a​ certain amount of​ time to​ lose that weight again,​ but don’t give up! Persistence,​ Determination and​ Grit They should be your watchwords. ​
These tips work if ​ you stick to​ your plan!
1. Eliminate one tablespoon of​ fat a​ day and​ you will lose 10 pounds in​ a​ year.
2. Avoid strange fad diets—if you can’t eat that way for the​ rest of​ your life,​ don’t waste your time or​ your health.
3. Limit ​alcohol​ consumption each serving contains 100 to​ 150 calories.
4. Eat fruit at ​ least twice a​ day.
5. Keep a​ food diary about your food choices,​ indicating how hungry you are each time you eat. ​
Pay particular attention to​ your level of​ hunger when you snack.
6. Perform aerobic exercise a​ minimum of​ 30 minutes three times a​ week. ​
Log this on​ your food diary. ​
Aerobic means any exercise that increases your breathing and​ heart rate. ​
Walking is​ fine! Do only what you can to​ begin with. ​
if ​ you have other health problems,​ consult your doctor before embarking on​ any strong physical exercise.
7. Gradually increase the​ length and​ frequency of​ your workouts.
8. Weigh yourself no more than twice a​ week. ​
And do it​ in​ the​ morning after going to​ the​ bathroom it’s the​ most accurate reading.
9. Give yourself a​ nonfood reward for every 5 pounds lost.
10. Slow down your eating speed—make meals last at ​ least 20 minutes. ​
Try eating with the​ other hand or​ taking a​ sip of​ water between bites.
11. Use smaller plates.
12. Bring your lunch to​ work at ​ least three times a​ week.
13. Start to​ strength train twice a​ week as​ your fitness improves. ​
Building muscle increases your metabolism and​ forces your body to​ use fat,​ not muscle,​ when you’re cutting back on​ calories. ​
Cut down on​ carbohydrates and​ stick to​ lean white meat and​ fish,​ and​ you will notice vast improvements here.
14. Stop eating while watching television.
15. Have someone else put away leftovers.
16. Buy a​ good lowfat,​ lowcalorie cookbook or​ magazine subscription.
17. Try two new reducedcalorie recipes a​ month.
18. IMPORTANT Eat breakfast daily. ​
This suppresses the​ appetite for most of​ the​ day and​ provides fuel for the​ brain while at ​ work or​ looking after the​ kids! You will feel better and​ have more energy all day if ​ you eat a​ low fat cereal in​ the​ morning.
19. Don’t read while eating.
20. Have a​ sweet treat once a​ week.
21. Keep healthful snacks at ​ home and​ at ​ work.
22. Limit your cheese consumption to​ reduce fat and​ saturated fat—use cheese and​ lunchmeat with less than 5 grams of​ fat per ounce.
23. Add calorie counting or​ fatgram counting to​ your food diary for a​ few weeks if ​ your weight loss is​ slowing down. ​
Maybe you’re missing something.
24. Substitute herbs and​ spices for salt.
25. Shop for food when you are not hungry,​ and​ use a​ shopping list.
26. Replace ground beef with ground turkey or​ soy crumbles in​ dishes such as​ spaghetti. ​
Don’t skip the​ protein in​ your meals; find a​ leaner substitute.
27. Eat three vegetables a​ day.
28. Always eat sitting down.
29. Request that your family and​ friends respect your efforts to​ lose weight and​ get fit—beware of​ loving sabotage.
30. Take a​ walk when you’re stressed or​ angry.
31. Eat two dairy products a​ day—be aware of​ your calcium intake. ​
Select lowfat or​ nonfat dairy products to​ reduce fat calories.
32. Order dressings and​ sauces on​ the​ side and​ apply them with a​ fork.
33. Increase your fiber intake—chose wholegrain breads,​ cereals and​ pasta products,​ legumes,​ and​ raw fruits and​ vegetables.
34. Add slowdown food to​ your meals—crunchy vegetables,​ a​ large glass of​ water,​ hot soup or​ beverages,​ or​ fresh fruit to​ fill you up.
35. Cook with chicken broth,​ nonstick cooking spray,​ wine or​ water.
36. Drink eight 8ounce glasses of​ water a​ day.
37. Shrink portion sizes of​ meats and​ starches,​ and​ pile on​ the​ vegetables.
38. Ask how the​ food is​ prepared when ordering in​ a​ restaurant.
39. Choose lowfat frozen yogurt or​ frozen juice bars instead of​ ice cream. ​
Be careful of​ the​ portion size these foods still have calories!
40. Select clear broth or​ tomatobased soups over white soups.
41. Keep the​ junk foods out of​ sight in​ your home and​ workplace.
42. Take walking shoes or​ a​ jump rope with you when you travel to​ keep up with your exercise.
43. If you’re getting off track,​ try to​ preplan your food intake for the​ next three days by writing it​ down.
44. Buy frozen diet dinners with 10 grams of​ fat or​ less and​ 800 milligrams of​ sodium or​ less.
45. Avoid batter coating or​ breading.
46. Use two egg whites in​ baking instead of​ one whole egg.
47. Stretch during television commercials—arm circles,​ leg lifts,​ head tilts,​ etc.
48. Eliminate the​ butter on​ your rolls or​ popcorn.
49. Learn to​ say no gracefully when a​ friend or​ relative offers you a​ second helping.
50. Choose pizza with vegetable toppings rather than highfat meats,​ such as​ sausage and​ pepperoni.
51. Ask for less cheese. ​
Have you ever tried tomato pie?
52. Choose cooking techniques that keep fat to​ a​ minimum,​ such as​ baking,​ grilling,​ broiling,​ roasting or​ steaming.
53. Add more lowfat soy products to​ your diet for the​ soy protein and​ health benefits.
54. Forgive yourself when you slip—and make the​ next food choice a​ healthy one.

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