5 Tips To Make More Money

5 Tips To Make More Money

Whether you​ are already a​ true believer or​ think the​ whole philosophy of​ Feng Shui is​ a​ hoax,​ it​ is​ worth the​ time and effort to​ implement the​ principles of​ this ancient Chinese practice to​ improve the​ quality of​ your life. Many people believe creating a​ Feng Shui home and/or office would be too hard or​ it's too complex to​ learn. This is​ far from the​ truth. Simple,​ gradual changes are all that are needed to​ begin to​ reap the​ benefits of​ Feng Shui. Taking the​ time to​ make decorating and arranging changes one at​ a​ time will result in​ a​ total Feng Shui home before you​ know it.

The whole philosophy behind Feng Shui is​ to​ create an​ environment in​ which the​ positive forces of​ chi can move consistently and easily through your home,​ and as​ such,​ through your life. it​ is​ used to​ promote balance and harmony in​ all aspects of​ your life. Everything from your career and financial status to​ your love and family life can be improved with the​ correct use of​ Feng Shui.

If you​ were to​ perform an​ opinion poll of​ everyone you​ know about what aspect of​ their life they would want to​ change,​ you​ would probably get a​ lot of​ different answers. However,​ there is​ a​ good chance you​ would hear a​ lot about wanting to​ make more money. Feng Shui can help even the​ most dead set non believer make the​ financial present and future they have always dreamed about. All it​ takes is​ following a​ few simple tips to​ encourage the​ flow of​ positive chi.

Tip 1. in​ Feng Shui,​ absolutely everything starts with cleanliness. Since you​ are looking for ways to​ make more money,​ this will apply to​ both your home and office. Clutter and disorganization is​ the​ bane of​ the​ flow of​ positive energy. in​ order to​ free it​ up and allow it​ to​ improve your financial situation,​ you​ must eliminate clutter from your life. This means to​ make a​ sweep of​ your entire home and office. Make a​ place for every object you​ need and want to​ keep. it​ is​ imperative that you​ make sure things are put away properly and tidiness is​ the​ rule of​ everyday. Not only will this step help promote the​ positive flow of​ energy you​ are looking for,​ it​ will also make your life simpler in​ terms of​ comfort and finding your things quickly and efficiently.

Tip 2. When you​ are looking to​ use Feng Shui to​ help you​ make more money,​ you​ are in​ essence asking your environment to​ help you​ with a​ growth process. What's the​ first thing you​ think of​ in​ regards to​ growth,​ besides children? Plants and blooming flowers are often the​ first answer. For obvious reasons,​ plants are used in​ Feng Shui to​ encourage growth. Place houseplants in​ both your home and work space to​ promote financial growth. Take excellent care of​ them and make sure they are always healthy. if​ you​ don’t have a​ green thumb,​ don't worry,​ just use artificial plants. in​ this case,​ make sure they are clean and free of​ dust.

Tip 3. Simply put,​ the​ practice of​ Feng Shui and making more money,​ involves keeping all of​ your things in​ good working order. it​ isn't enough to​ just keep it​ clean. Your things also must be working properly. in​ terms of​ making more money,​ it​ is​ also a​ good idea to​ focus any equipment you​ use in​ your job. Your computer,​ telephone,​ printer,​ etc.,​ need to​ be clean and working well. Furniture is​ another item you​ should keep your eye on. if​ a​ chair or​ table is​ broken repair it​ or​ replace it​ as​ soon as​ possible. you​ don't want anything broken coming in​ contact with your money making endeavors.

Tip 4. We have already discussed the​ importance of​ eliminating clutter in​ your life. Another helpful aspect of​ this is​ making sure your decorations and furniture is​ dusted and free from any debris that could limit the​ positive flow of​ good chi. Don't forget to​ vacuum or​ sweep the​ floors on​ a​ regular basis either. Both are very important in​ using Feng Shui to​ promote greater money making potential. Especially at​ home,​ don't hesitate to​ encourage family members to​ help out with this. After all,​ the​ results will benefit them as​ well.

Tip 5. Now take everything mentioned above,​ with the​ exception of​ the​ plant thing and use those practices in​ your car. the​ Feng Shui principles operate on​ the​ belief that energy is​ always around us. For this reason,​ keeping your vehicle well maintained,​ free of​ clutter and debris,​ and dust free is​ important to​ using Feng Shui to​ make more money. Especially if​ potential or​ current clients are ever in​ your car,​ you​ want to​ be sure to​ be ready to​ make a​ good impression at​ any time.

These are just a​ few ways you​ can use Feng Shui to​ make more money and add balance to​ your life. None of​ them are hard or​ expensive,​ and they will all help you​ create the​ life you​ have always wanted.

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