5 Steps To Hormone Health And Weight Loss

5 Steps To Hormone Health And Weight Loss

Our hormone health effects our bodies in​ many ways but one specific way is​ an​ increase in​ weight. Hormonally challenged women gain weight around their middle between the​ armpits and the​ top of​ the​ thighs. Often their arms are normal,​ their legs are normal and from the​ neck up they look great! Hormonally challenged men gain weight around their waists and often are on​ their way to​ developing breasts!

Estrogen is​ produced in​ our fat cells. Estrogen increases fat cells. as​ a​ result more estrogen is​ produced and so on​ and so on.

Breaking the​ Estrogen cycle and then going on​ an​ excellent weight management program is​ exactly what needs to​ take place.

Step One Evaluate your hormones. Find out the​ ratio of​ estrogen to​ progesterone presently in​ your body. if​ out of​ balance,​ we​ call that estrogen dominance,​ then you will likely have or​ currently be gaining weight around your middle.

Step Two Begin an​ estrogen-lowering program. That will include of​ course increasing your progesterone levels with a​ bio-identical progesterone cream. But hormone balancing was never all about progesterone. Modulating and balancing estrogens if​ found to​ be out of​ balance to​ progesterone is​ equally important to​ your weight loss program.

An estrogen-lowering program will include:

- Increase your fiber intake. That happens two ways: 1. Eat as​ much as​ you can by choosing fruits,​ vegetables and whole grains as​ your high ?fiber carbohydrate choices and then add a​ fiber supplement (Fiber Source 7) to​ consume 30 to​ 50 grams of​ fiber daily.
- Increase the​ indoles (cruciferous vegetables like broccoli,​ cabbage,​ and cauliflower) in​ your diet. That also happens two ways: Eat as​ much as​ you can and supplement with an​ indole-3-carbinol supplement (EllagiGuard). Target 3 servings a​ day.

- Increase the​ essential fatty acids (EFA?s) in​ your diet. They are essential because the​ body does not make them. They help balance prostaglandin production in​ the​ body and thus help regulate estrogens.

- Increase your overall nutrition by taking extra vitamin C (Super C Crystals) and by taking a​ concentrated fruit and vegetable supplement (Fruit and Vegetable Essence).

Step Three Eat 40/30/30. Incorporate a​ new way of​ approaching meals purposing to​ eat Carbohydrates Proteins and Fats in​ a​ balanced way at​ each meal. When we​ eat balanced meals our weight will normalize,​ our energy levels will increase and our hormones will be in​ balance. More information is​ available in​ the​ book ?The Formula? by J & G Daoust.

Step Four Get Moving. Develop a​ great exercise program with the​ help of​ someone who knows what they are doing. Tailor a​ program especially for you - one that you can do and are willing to​ make a​ commitment to​ keep. Most of​ us need to​ think in​ terms of​ keeping our bodies moving and staying active for the​ rest of​ our lives. Couch potatoes rarely are healthy.

Step Five Celebrate!! Men and women whose hormones are out of​ balance feel unwell. Men and women who have balanced hormones feel well. Achieving hormone health will increase your overall health and wellness and assist you in​ losing weight. You will look younger and feel younger!

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