4 Online Marketing Techniques To Drive More Traffic

4 Online Marketing Techniques To Drive More Traffic

The most popular question asked by many online marketers is​ how to​ drive more traffic to​ their websites. the​ answer to​ this question is​ easy: "Have your website exposure to​ as​ many internet surfers as​ possible,​ once people can find your website,​ there will be traffic flow into your website". But to​ make your website successfully expose to​ internet users is​ not an​ easy task. Efforts,​ strategies and techniques need to​ put in​ place in​ order to​ make it​ as​ success. Below are 8 common online marketing techniques used by most online marketers to​ drive internet traffic to​ their websites:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Successful search engine optimization will greatly increase the​ number of​ visitors that come to​ your website since over 60% of​ people who are looking for products and services use search engines to​ locate them. if​ your website is​ ranked high in​ the​ related keyword search by the​ search engines,​ you​ will get tons of​ free internet traffic to​ your website.

One of​ the​ ways to​ optimize your website to​ be search engines friendly is​ by generating back links from other websites to​ your website. When websites provide a​ link to​ your site,​ the​ search engines deem your site as​ valuable and this affects your position in​ the​ listings.

2. Article Writing & Publishing

Articles are the​ greatest tool for online marketing. it​ helps in​ SEO by generating back links to​ your website and it​ also helps in​ getting exposure for your website through your articles' hyperlinks.

By writing short articles on​ the​ topic related to​ your website,​ products or​ services,​ you​ can offer these articles for other website owners or​ newsletter publishers to​ use by submitting them to​ article directories,​ forums or​ blogs. When the​ publishers use your articles in​ their ezines or​ websites,​ they will remain your bio information which contains links to​ your website at​ the​ bottom of​ your articles,​ which means that the​ publishers will contribute their link from their websites to​ yours. These back links are counted in​ SEO. When their visitors who read your articles and if​ they want to​ know more about your products or​ services may click the​ hyperlinks at​ the​ bottom of​ your articles to​ reach to​ your website.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click is​ advertising provided by the​ search engine providers (Google,​ Yahoo! and others) where you​ pay for top placement. Most search engines give top positions to​ the​ highest bidder. it​ is​ a​ quick way to​ have your ad on​ the​ first page of​ the​ keyword search as​ listed in​ the​ search engines. There is​ a​ catch: you​ have to​ pay for every click to​ your web site. Make a​ budget and stick to​ it​ and make sure to​ monitor your account,​ those clicks add up fast.

4. Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate program is​ another way to​ drive traffic to​ your web site. Your affiliates are your commissions-based sales people who make money when they sell your products. They drive traffic to​ your web site in​ exchange for commissions on​ sales. if​ you​ don't want to​ manage your affiliates yourself,​ you​ could subscribe to​ affiliate network such as​ ClickBank if​ your products are digital items. ClickBank marketplace is​ able to​ exposure your products to​ thousands of​ affiliates who are looking for products to​ sell online.

In Summary

Any internet business will die without traffic stream into their website. if​ you​ already get started your website for online business,​ it's time for you​ to​ work out a​ marketing plan to​ flood it​ with traffic. the​ above 4 online marketing techniques are time tested & proven methods to​ drive more traffic to​ a​ website.

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4 Online Marketing Techniques To Drive More Traffic

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