4 Miscellaneous Email Marketing Advices

Email is​ one of​ the​ most personal advertising medium ever invented. Here are four of​ the​ many ways you​ can improve your email marketing results.

Spread the​ Word
Get others to​ sign up for your mailing lists with their consent. Spread the​ word about your mailing list through word of​ mouth. the​ beauty in​ this is​ that the​ list of​ emails will be self-screened and the​ database will only contain the​ people who are interested in​ your offers. Make sure you​ have their consent beforehand. you​ don’t want to​ risk losing reputation or​ SPAM penalties.

Before the​ internet,​ they used to​ say it​ takes around 7.3 impacts to​ make an​ impression with an​ ad. Today I would guess it​ to​ be over twice as​ high with the​ internet present. Make sure you​ are reaching out to​ your clients at​ least once a​ month in​ emails or​ other medium. Just because you​ emailed a​ list of​ people and had little or​ no response does not necessarily mean your audience isn’t interested in​ your product. Experiment with different emails,​ get to​ know which email strategy works best,​ and keep using it​ to​ reach out to​ your audience.

They Want Useful Information
Emails should contain something that the​ customer wants. it​ shouldn’t be just a​ summary of​ your company or​ your resume. Focus on​ giving more than just what you​ sell. Specific content,​ messages,​ and other targeted information that interests your customers are good to​ include. For example,​ if​ you​ were selling makeup,​ you​ may want to​ include advice on​ how to​ apply the​ makeup or​ any makeup in​ general.

Make Sure Your Audience Reads Your Emails
Graphics,​ Flash animations,​ logos are often blocked by email filters. Although they look impressive on​ an​ email,​ they will often lower your impression statistics. I recommend using flat text with hyperlinks to​ your site. Once they get to​ your site,​ you​ can show them as​ many graphics as​ you​ want. Although some businesses have both a​ plain and a​ rich text edition of​ their email,​ for starters,​ stick to​ the​ plain text.

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