3 Steps For Generating Traffic Through Viral Marketing

3 Steps For Generating Traffic Through Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is​ the​ way to​ go in​ this day and age of​ social networking and online communities. you​ must induce other people to​ tell their friends and social contacts about your business,​ products and services. Here are the​ steps for using viral marketing to​ generate traffic to​ your site.

People dread computer viruses. They are prolific,​ attach to​ anything and spread everywhere. Bad virus aside,​ this same characteristic (prolific) makes viral marketing effective.

The medium you​ would be using for this type of​ marketing would be prolific as​ well in​ generating leads and sales. There are many kinds of​ viral marketing that you​ could use to​ generate more traffic to​ your website. Generally,​ if​ used well,​ viral marketing is​ an​ extremely effective way to​ get more interest and produce more leads and sales. Here are some viral marketing methods using reports or​ ebooks that people can use to​ generate more traffic to​ their websites.

Step 1: Write a​ free report

This does not end there. you​ must also convert your report into a​ PDF file. Your report should be concise,​ inviting,​ interesting and informative. it​ must give information about your website or​ your products. it​ should be written in​ such a​ way that it​ would encourage people to​ buy your products or​ visit your website.

A free report once downloaded would be left behind for people to​ read later. Chances are,​ if​ these reports are written well,​ they would guarantee you​ that people downloading and reading them would once more check your website. People love a​ well written report with good content.

Avoid writing an​ ad and avoid marketing. Make sure that your report is​ informative. if​ you​ are selling supplements,​ write an​ article on​ how effective these supplements are. Your articles would be passed on​ from one person to​ another for years to​ come. Perhaps,​ you​ don’t have to​ immediately write another report on​ the​ same subject matter.

Step 2: Write a​ teaser

This is​ most effective if​ you​ are marketing an​ ebook that people can buy from your website. Give people a​ free chapter that they can read. Generate interest by arousing their curiosity. Remember to​ give only a​ teaser of​ the​ whole book. Do not give out the​ whole thing. Make sure that people can only obtain your ebook by visiting your website and paying for it​ or​ by subscribing.

Usually,​ this type of​ marketing is​ effective because people would quickly exchange information with others or​ forward the​ same to​ others whom they know would be interested in​ the​ content of​ the​ ebook. Thus,​ this is​ called viral marketing. Your traffic will noticeably increase with little or​ no effort from you​ at​ all. you​ would also have a​ huge and increased level of​ generated leads and sales.

Step 3. Write an​ ebook which you​ can give away

Whenever people visit your website or​ join your newsletter,​ give them a​ free ebook. This is​ usually a​ very short informative report relating to​ your products or​ services. Make sure that the​ content is​ interesting and useful so that people would want to​ share it​ with others. This is​ a​ very good strategy if​ employed correctly.

It is​ also wise to​ not give the​ whole information. Make sure that people would want to​ visit your website to​ get the​ more complete report on​ the​ subject matter. This would be a​ great viral marketing campaign to​ generate more traffic to​ your website.

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