3 Sensational High Profit Low Cost Internet Business Models

It is​ far easier,​ cheaper and rewarding to​ start an​ online business than an​ offline one. the​ models we’ll look at​ in​ this article do not take a​ genius to​ start. Let’s get going:

1. the​ Membership Site Internet Model – the​ internet has made accepting payment an​ automatic and hassle-free experience. When you​ set-up your own membership site you’re either offering premium information (eBooks,​ general content in​ a​ protected server,​ tutorials) or​ software on​ a​ particular theme or​ topic.

There is​ no shortage of​ potential topics for your membership site. It’s possible to​ charge anything from $10 to​ $500 per month depending on​ the​ quality and perceived value of​ your protected contents.

The benefits of​ setting up a​ membership site are huge. For instance your overheads are practically zero,​ you​ can deal with pure content that is​ delivered digitally and (the holy grail of​ earning online) you​ are assured regular residual income,​ month after month.

However,​ you​ do need to​ be very well organized – plan your publishing schedule for the​ entire month (and note down your long term objectives for the​ site too). you​ will also have to​ ensure you​ can provide quality content month after month and will need some degree of​ technical know-how in​ setting up a​ protected site (although these days you​ can purchase point and click software that will do all the​ work for you).

The possibilities for the​ membership site business model are endless – with several niches offering customer bases that run into the​ millions there is​ always space for a​ quality niche membership site.

2. the​ SUPER AFFILIATE Model – you​ may have heard the​ term “super affiliate” or​ “super associate” before. What exactly do these terms mean? a​ super affiliate is​ someone who is​ extremely good at​ selling other people’s products or​ services.

The advantage of​ the​ super affiliate model is​ that you​ spend no time on​ creating the​ product or​ customer service issues. you​ simply have a​ method of​ getting traffic to​ quality sites and enjoying the​ sales commissions generated. the​ biggest challenge faced by affiliates is​ that for a​ good product they are competing against tens,​ hundreds and sometimes even thousands of​ other competitors.

So how do you​ get past the​ competition? you​ do two things – first create your own unique sales promotion tools (for example a​ viral special report),​ and you​ also offer customers special bonuses that they can only get when purchasing through your affiliate link. These two pointers will go a​ long way towards making you​ a​ super-affiliate.

Affiliate commissions vary in​ size – paying anywhere from just 5% to​ even 90%. as​ an​ affiliate you​ should determine which products to​ promote and create a​ plan for them. Here’s a​ very strong tip – promote as​ many products as​ you​ can that pay a​ monthly recurring commission. This way you​ get paid for months (or years) after the​ initial sale.

3. the​ eBay Power-seller Model – eBay boasts monthly page views that numbers in​ the​ billions. Think about that for a​ second – it’s a​ HUGE base of​ targeted prospects and you​ can use this to​ set-up a​ thriving online business.

As always you​ need a​ plan of​ attack. What will you​ sell? Will you​ stock physical products or​ opt for a​ drop-ship solution. How will you​ accept payment?

One important consideration on​ eBay is​ developing a​ “unique selling point” – this is​ something that makes you​ different from your competition and can be the​ difference between luke-warm income and turbo-charged profits. It’s worth spending a​ considerable amount of​ time planning your USP.

If you’re selling a​ physical product can you​ combine that with a​ unique info-product about that niche? It’s really quite simple to​ produce an​ eBook or​ purchase the​ rights to​ one and offer it​ as​ a​ high value bonus to​ those who bid on​ your product.

Do you​ notice that I said “bid” and not “buy”? Why? Because if​ you​ promise a​ copy of​ the​ info-product to​ all bidders you​ will generate more bids and (the best part) assuming your product is​ branded with your site/ebay store you​ will drive targeted traffic to​ it. Simple yet very effective.

So we’ve looked at​ three internet business models that you​ can implement quickly for surefire profits. Believe me,​ this is​ only scratching the​ surface – as​ you​ establish yourself online and learn more you​ will discover that there are many more simple methods of​ creating several powerful income streams online. Stay focused,​ have a​ quality blueprint to​ guide you​ and you​ will do far better than you​ ever imagined possible.

Best of​ luck!

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