3 Most Important Services For A Profitable Internet Home Business

3 Most Important Services For A Profitable Internet Home Business

There are basically 3 services which are of​ utmost importance to​ run a​ profitable internet home business. let us see which are these.

The first service you​ will need and cannot have a​ website without,​ is​ a​ domain name. a​ domain name is​ the​ name given that is​ used to​ find your website,​ for eg: http://www.yourdomainname.com. you​ need a​ domain name because your business needs recognition and traffic. Instead of​ promoting other people's sites its best to​ promote your own. So you​ realise the​ value of​ a​ domain name? Now there are several free service providers but it​ is​ not recomended. if​ the​ free service provider runs out of​ business and closes down for some reason then all your hard work and your business is​ going to​ crashlandand and it​ can definitely happen. when you​ are choosing your domain name let it​ be related to​ your business and easy to​ remember. the​ next step is​ to​ choose an​ extension. There are several extension available but .com is​ the​ best one to​ choose.There are several domain registration service providers. choose a​ good one,​ do some background check and then decide.185

The next is​ a​ webhosting service. I would like to​ repeat the​ same thing here,​ never go for a​ free service. you​ will need to​ do your profitable internet home business in​ a​ professional and credible way. With free service providers,​ there will be advertisements in​ your site and some may not be of​ your business interest. Secondly when you​ want to​ expand your business,​ which will come soon enough,​ and need extra space,​ you​ will need to​ go for paid service since your free service provider will not provide extra space and at​ that time you​ loose your old customers and traffic. Hence a​ good webhosting service is​ very important. Let us see what webhosting really means. Your website files and all related information and data are stored in​ your web host server/computers. This is​ required because your website should be available 24/7 and should be able to​ accomodate any amount of​ traffic.150

When choosing your webhosting sevice you​ will need to​ look for a​ few important features you​ need to​ run the​ website like:

1. CGI - BIN,​ this is​ required for interactivity of​ your website.

2. PHP4,​

3. uptime,​ this is​ the​ amout of​ time your site is​ available for visitors,​ this should be 24/7 or​ close

4. excellent cutomer support,​

5. setup fees,​ none

6. space,​ more the​ better

7. traffic capacity/ bandwidth,​ more the​ better

8. pop email accounts,​ never less than 10 but unimited is​ the​ best

9. site stats,​ needed to​ keep track of​ yor site

10. FTP,​ atleast one account.

The third most important service is​ autoresponders. what is​ an​ autoresponder? an​ autoresponder follows up with your website visitors to​ provide useful information,​ build trust and ultimetely make some sales. Why does one need an​ autoresponder? here's why. Majority of​ the​ people who visit your website will not buy from you​ on​ their first visit. infact,​ most people do not buy a​ product on​ the​ internet until they have seen it​ or​ heard about it​ atleast 7 time. if​ you​ are promoting a​ product on​ the​ internet and you​ don't have an​ effective way to​ capture and follow-up with your website visitors to​ remind them about the​ products and services you​ are promoting,​ you​ will lose a​ lot of​ sales.

let us summerise,​ the​ 3 most important services to​ run a​ profitable internet home business are:

a) domain name service

b) webhosting service and

c) autoresponder service.

3 Most Important Services For A Profitable Internet Home Business

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