3 Marketing Tactics That Will Send Your Sales Through The Roof

3 Marketing Tactics That Will Send Your Sales Through the​ Roof
When the​ tide comes in,​ all boats in​ the​ harbor go up.. .​
the tough part is​ figuring out how to​ bring the​ tide in​ .​
Booming economies come and go and bring surges of​ profit increases,​ then ebb to​ leave behind shortages and tough times .​
Regardless,​ there are some business that just seem to​ weather the​ tough times with grace,​ not really affected by recessions .​
It's almost as​ though they have a​ secret source.. .​
maybe they do.. .​
Hey,​ customers always buy.. .​
in​ the​ good times and in​ the​ bad times .​
They still have needs and still make purchases .​
When you​ understand their needs and wants,​ you​ have the​ keys to​ keeping your business afloat when others are grounded .​
Implement these three tactics successful marketers use,​ and you're set for success.
1 .​
Just One
Customers can be like a​ two year old in​ a​ candy store.. .​
they want it​ all .​
Yeah,​ sometimes it's hard to​ make up your mind about what you​ really do want when everything looks so good .​
That's why it​ pays to​ promote one product over the​ others .​
It spells out loud and clear.. .​
I'M the​ BEST DEAL .​
That will be the​ deciding factor in​ most cases.
2 .​
Make Them Feel Good
Customers buy because they want to​ enjoy the​ benefits of​ the​ purchase .​
a​ lady might buy a​ dress because she wants to​ feel sexy,​ or​ a​ man will buy a​ saw because he finds pleasure in​ creating things .​
Emotions are the​ key element that drives purchases.
Use word pictures to​ stir up the​ emotions that will instigate the​ sale .​
Let them feel the​ benefits,​ and they'll be more apt to​ head for the​ cash register .​
Put them where you​ want them.
Selling a​ riding mower? .. .​
the birds are singing,​ Easter lilies are blooming and kids are flying kites in​ the​ wind.. .​
spring has arrived .​
Yep,​ it's time to​ get out that mower and fuel it​ up for the​ summer ahead .​
How many springs have come and gone since you​ promised yourself a​ riding mower? .. .​
It's not hard to​ paint mental pictures that whet their appetite for the​ product you​ are advertising.
3 .​
Make Contact
Following up with a​ customer who didn't buy can be the​ determining factor between and almost sale and a​ satisfied,​ loyal customer .​
Simply contact them afterwards and let them know the​ product is​ still available or​ offer them further information they may find valuable.
Internet marketers can offer free newsletters or​ reports that consumers find useful and marketers find profitable .​
Not only do you​ keep your product in​ front of​ the​ customer on​ a​ regular basis,​ you​ get email information to​ stay in​ contact .​
Both parties win!

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