23 Autoresponder Marketing Techniques

23 Autoresponder Marketing Techniques

Auto Responder Marketing Techniques
The Internet offers many means of​ affordable marketing with auto responders .​
Here are a​ couple of​ popular ways of​ using them.
Some webmasters set up link or​ article directories on​ their sites .​
They create a​ directory on​ a​ specific industry topic,​ placing their own ad or​ banner along the​ top .​
Then they invite others to​ add their website links via a​ link exchange program,​ listing themselves in​ your directory .​
Or they invite articles to​ be submitted that include a​ resource box at​ the​ bottom of​ each with a​ link to​ the​ author’s website .​
This results on​ increased traffic as​ sites link up across the​ World Wide Web .​
Enter link exchange software or​ article directory software into a​ favorite search engine for help with each .​
Some marketers write up a​ simple step-by-step instructional class in​ their area of​ expertise .​
Then they break it​ up into smaller portions or​ messages and set them up in​ an​ auto responder as​ email messages,​ including short ads within each message to​ invite sales & website visits .​
Then they invite website visitors to​ sign up through on​ online form or​ email subscription address offered through the​ auto responder service .​
As people sign up,​ they will learn more about the​ products and services through the​ teaching series.

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