21 Viral Marketing Using Forums

21 Viral Marketing Using Forums

Viral Marketing using Forums
There are different types of​ forums,​ beyond the​ obvious topical types,​ of​ marketing or​ special interest,​ etc .​
Marketing and special interest are two types of​ what are commonly referred to​ as​ open forums.
There are,​ however,​ business and professional forums,​ which do not operate under the​ same rules and,​ more often than not,​ disallow any and all types of​ advertising or​ self-promotion .​
Forums that have been created to​ support the​ membership of​ a​ particular program are especially adamant on​ this topic and often demand that all members refrain from all types if​ advertising on​ their sites.
Still,​ even with all these hurdles,​ it​ is​ possible to​ successfully advertise in​ forums .​
In all cases a​ pre-requisite for success is​ developing a​ good reputation and a​ good relationship and maintaining both .​
So,​ while it​ is​ true that this a​ form of​ free advertising,​ it​ does require a​ certain amount of​ investment as​ far as​ time and energy are concerned,​ not to​ mention subtly and finesse .​
To successfully market on​ any forum,​ the​ first requirement is​ to​ take a​ personal interest in​ the​ main topic of​ the​ forum .​
That means visiting it​ on​ a​ regular basis and developing a​ good relationship with the​ members and the​ moderators .​
It,​ also,​ means taking an​ active roll in​ the​ conversations and being willing to​ help others .​
Of course,​ it​ goes without saying that it​ means abiding by any and all rules that exist .​
In this way,​ one can develop a​ reputation,​ and business will just naturally develop because humans tend to​ work with people they trust.
Since the​ main purpose of​ a​ forum is​ the​ exchange of​ information and/or ideas,​ marketers must respect that objective and abide by it .​
Marketing forums,​ where everyone there has something to​ advertise and sell,​ usually have even more stringent rules .​

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