2018 Top Ten Antivirus Software Programs Reviewed

2018 Top Ten Antivirus Software Programs Reviewed

2018 - Top Ten Antivirus Software Programs Reviewed
Protecting your computer from a​ virus is​ getting more difficult .​
Antivirus software is​ essential to​ a​ computer’s ability to​ fend off viruses and other malicious programs .​
These products are designed to​ protect against the​ ability of​ a​ virus to​ enter a​ computer through email,​ web browsers,​ file servers and desktops .​

The programs reviewed below are the​ best from around the​ world .​
In the​ United States we are familiar primarily with the​ Norton and McAfee Antivirus programs,​ but there are many good programs out there that merit serious consideration.
Top 10 Recommended Antivirus Software Programs
Below are my ten top antivirus software programs for 2018.
For a​ much more detailed comparison chart on​ these products you​ can refer to​ www.zunio.com/comparisons/antivirus_review.html
1) Editor's Choice: BitDefender
Softwin,​ which owns BitDefender,​ has been around since 1990,​ and boasts an​ international team of​ technical experts who strive to​ continually improve software and respond to​ new threats.

2) Kaspersky
Founded in​ 1997 by Eugene Kaspersky,​ the​ Moscow-based company has had great success leading the​ industry in​ anti-virus protection
3) Norton Anti-Virus
Owned by global security giant Symantec,​ Norton Antivirus is​ by far the​ most popular and widely used security system in​ the​ United States .​
Norton offers a​ small range of​ products for the​ home user,​ small business owner and large corporation with 1000+ users .​
4) McAfee
McAfee is​ another big name in​ Internet security and a​ large competitor for Norton Antivirus,​ although their prices are virtually the​ same .​
5) F-Secure
Based in​ Helsinki,​ Finland,​ F-Secure has been in​ the​ computer protection business since 1988 .​
The company offers protection for the​ family computer,​ to​ home office users all the​ way up to​ corporations with large numbers of​ telecommuters spread all over the​ map .​
6) Shield Anti-Virus 2018
PCSecurityShield offers protection against viruses,​ hackers and privacy threats to​ help keep you​ and your family surfing safely .​
7) Protector Plus
Proland Software offers virus protection with its Protector Plus package,​ compatible with Windows Vista,​ XP,​ Me,​ 2000 and Netware .​
Protector Proland is​ proud of​ its team of​ experienced engineers,​ who have been working on​ anti-virus software and computer protection programs since 1989 .​
8) DefendGate
Canada-based DefendGate offers everything from protection against viruses and identity theft to​ office productivity suites and desktop accelerators .​
9) PC DoorGuard
This program is​ PC DoorGuard is​ designed for those looking to​ protect their email from spam,​ viruses,​ Trojans and worms .​
10) CA Antivirus
On its website,​ CA Antivirus says it​ provides software to​ 98 percent of​ Fortune 500 companies and boasts that it​ was the​ first antivirus software to​ be awarded certification with Microsoft Vista in​ 2018 .​
Virus Prevention - Steps to​ take
A computer user should remain diligent and follow a​ few simple steps to​ protect against the​ threat of​ a​ virus:
1 .​
Evaluate your current computer security system .​
With the​ threat of​ a​ new generation of​ viruses able to​ attack in​ a​ multitude of​ ways,​ the​ approach of​ having just one antivirus software version has become outdated .​

2 .​
Only install antivirus software created by a​ well-known,​ reputable company .​

Because new viruses erupt daily,​ it​ is​ important that you​ regularly update your antivirus software
3 .​
Make it​ a​ habit to​ always scan all new programs or​ files no matter from where they originate.
4 .​
Exercise caution when opening binary,​ Word,​ or​ Excel documents of​ unknown sources especially if​ they were received during an​ online chat or​ as​ an​ attachment to​ an​ email .​

5 .​
Perform regular backups in​ case your system is​ corrupted .​
It may be the​ only way to​ recover your data if​ infected.
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2018 Top Ten Antivirus Software Programs Reviewed

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