2018 Top Ten Anti Spyware Software Programs

2018 - Top Ten Anti-Spyware Software Programs
Protecting your computer from spyware is​ getting harder .​
Even corporate giant Microsoft has found its own systems compromised on​ more than one occasion .​
Just like antivirus software,​ Anti-Spyware software is​ essential to​ a​ computer’s ability to​ fend off spyware .​
These products are designed to​ protect against the​ ability of​ spyware to​ take over your PC.

Top 10 Recommended Anti-Spyware Software Programs
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1) Editor's Choice: BitDefender
BitDefender has won PC World's #1 Best Buy award for its new antivirus and anti-spyware suite,​ BitDefender Antivirus version 10 .​
BitDefender's premium products have been popular for years in​ Europe and elsewhere,​ and now it's catching on​ in​ the​ United States as​ it​ surpasses the​ more familiar Norton and McAfee suites .​
BitDefender protects your computer in​ real time -- defending you​ against malicious websites,​ emails and -- most importantly -- spyware,​ which is​ the​ leading source of​ identity theft.
Easy to​ install and updated automatically,​ BitDefender is​ an​ install and forget security program .​
No more annoying in-your-face scanning and reminders to​ upgrade your security software to​ a​ more expensive version,​ simply the​ knowledge that your computer is​ protected from virus and spyware threats .​
For advanced users who want more control over their computer security,​ BitDefender is​ also customizable to​ suit your needs.
The vendor allows you​ to​ purchase two licenses for the​ price of​ one and protect two computers for two years for only $39.95.
2) Webroot Spy Sweeper
Webroot Spy Sweeper is​ the​ hottest anti-spyware on​ the​ Web today .​
It won PC World's Editor's Choice and Best Buy awards in​ 2018 and was Softpedia's Pick of​ 2018 .​
Even the​ most malicious and advanced spyware installations such as​ CoolWebSearch and Look2Me are no match for Spy Sweeper's security suite.
Its easy-to-use interface and accessible online and telephone customer service allow users of​ all skill levels to​ protect themselves against spyware .​
Less computer-savvy users can click through the​ standard setup,​ while experts can customize their level of​ protection to​ suit their needs .​
Spy Sweeper also now offers automatic inbound and outbound email attachment scanning,​ the​ option for manual or​ automatic updates and the​ ability to​ seek out and destroy existing spyware on​ a​ computer that's already infected .​
It is​ priced at​ $29.95.
3) Spyware Doctor
Spyware Doctor is​ a​ very popular program -- boasting more than 100 million downloads over its lifespan .​
Its won awards from Computer Shopper,​ PC World and tucows -- and PC Tools Best of​ the​ Year 2018 and 2018 .​
Spyware Doctor offers free customer service to​ all its users,​ the​ latest security upgrades to​ let you​ know you​ are always protected,​ and a​ 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
Spyware Doctor has beaten many other programs in​ head-to-head spyware detection tests,​ and it​ consistently outperforms the​ competition in​ spyware detection,​ removal and blocking .​
Spyware Doctor is​ constantly evolving to​ block new threats,​ so even as​ the​ spyware coders are outsmarting other programs,​ Spyware Doctor is​ working overtime to​ protect your machine and personal information .​
It's available for download for $29.95.
4) AntiSpy
Ever worry that someone might be watching your online activities? Never fear,​ AntiSpy is​ here! AntiSpy is​ designed to​ completely erase your computer history -- all the​ websites you've visited,​ downloads you've made,​ documents you've sent.. .​
It's all history when you​ activate AntiSpy.
AntiSpy can erase your tracks from Internet Explorer,​ Netscape Navigator,​ Opera,​ Mozilla,​ Windows and even IM messaging programs .​
It also clears your history from Windows Multimedia Player,​ ACDSee and RealPlayer,​ and it​ can rid your computer of​ its network logon history,​ records of​ opened files,​ all Internet searches,​ temporary files and swap files .​
Not only that,​ but it​ will clear your Cookies,​ program files you​ might have downloaded,​ Plug-ins,​ computer caches.. .​
the list goes on​ and on.
AntiSpy is​ also an​ award-winning anti-spyware program .​
It is​ not as​ full featured as​ BitDefender or​ Spy Sweeper,​ but for the​ casual user it​ is​ easy to​ use and reliable .​
Not only will AntiSpy ensure that Big Brother can't look over your shoulder,​ it​ will also save you​ loads of​ space on​ your hard drive! Available now for $24.95.
5) eTrust PestPatrol
eTrust PestPatrol Anti-spyware protection software can identify and eliminate viruses,​ trojan horses,​ worms and other spyware threats that slip past your firewall and antivirus software disguised as​ legitimate programs .​
a​ free test version is​ available to​ test for low-level threats,​ but you​ must upgrade to​ the​ full program in​ order to​ completely clean your machine .​
PestPatrol will remove any existing spyware from your computer,​ keep you​ safe from spyware that tracks your online activities,​ stops adware pop-ups from ruining your surfing experience and recovers your memory time that is​ being eaten up by hidden applications .​
Buy it​ for $29.95.
6) McAfee AntiSpyware
McAfee is​ a​ big name in​ computer security -- possibly second only to​ Norton in​ name-recognition and popularity .​
Its anti-spyware programs protect you​ from keyloggers,​ trojan horses and worms that can steal your personal information,​ leading to​ identity theft .​
Viruses,​ hackers,​ spyware coders beware -- a​ machine with McAfee installed is​ immune to​ your infiltration efforts .​
Automatic updates and several new and improved features make this a​ sure bet for users of​ all skill levels.
7) BPS Spyware Remover
BPS Spyware and Adware Remover will protect your machine from keylogging programs,​ trojan horses,​ dialers that can run up phone bills into the​ thousands,​ tracking spyware that watches your every move online.. .​
This program has it​ all .​
Active memory scan checks your computer's memory for active ad components that only appear when the​ computer is​ turned on​ .​
The Remover also scans for known spyware parasites and scum-ware components,​ alerts you​ of​ their presence,​ and allows you​ to​ safely remove them from your system .​
Pop-ups are history,​ along with pop-unders,​ when the​ Remover is​ installed on​ your machine .​
No more annoying interruptions while you're surfing from site to​ site .​
Buy it​ for $29.
8) Max Anti Spyware
Max Anti Spyware is​ designed to​ scan,​ detect and destroy viruses and spyware that have infected your machine .​
The complete package also comes with cookie,​ active x and BHO blockers to​ keep your personal information safe from prying eyes .​
Max will back up your registry,​ keep track of​ registry activity and report anything suspicious,​ and monitor your computer's processes for unusual activity .​
Max can even protect your website against hijackers with its Live Monitoring feature .​
Live updates keep Max looking for the​ latest security threats,​ so you​ can rest assured your computer is​ clean .​
Buy it​ for only $29.95.
9) #1 Spyware Killer
Spyware Killer is​ designed to​ detect even the​ most innocuous-looking viruses,​ spyware and worms .​
Files and documents that slip past your firewall undetected are no match for Spyware Killer .​
This program guards your privacy by seeking out and destroying keylogging programs,​ spyware that tracks your online activity and viruses and adware that slow down your computer processing time .​
Buy it​ for only $34.95.
10) Agent Spyware
Agent Spyware can detect viruses,​ malware and spyware on​ your machine in​ moments! One of​ the​ newest security suites available online,​ Agent Spyware offers protection against and detection of​ dangerous programs,​ files and documents that can compromise your security and slow your computer to​ a​ frustrating crawl .​
Buy it​ for $29.95 to​ $39.95.

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